How Ubiquitous defended a major client relationship

Ubiquitous used post-campaign testing to prove the effectiveness of taxi advertising to an important client.

Creative testing
London, UK
50-200 employees


Ubiquitous provides opportunities for advertising on taxis. When one of their major clients received a research report about the effectiveness of different ad channels that jeopardised their relationship they needed proof that taxi advertising really works. 

We noticed that only around 45 people were surveyed for taxis, compared to over 500 for other OOH environments. Since this was hardly robust, we conducted our own Attest research for the client. Without this, our future consideration for campaigns would have been at risk.

David Sore, Director of Marketing, Ubiquitous


Ubiquitous worked with an agency partner to upload pre-approved questions to the Attest platform. These aligned with pre-existing surveys, especially the major study where sample size was low. 

Respondents who had recently visited central London were asked prompted and unprompted awareness questions relating to Ubiqutous’s client before being asked if they recalled seeing taxi ads for the brand. 

The research found that seeing a taxi ad made consumers significantly more likely to feel favourably about the brand. Those who had seen the ad were also significantly more likely to consider products from the brand.

People who recalled seeing our ads were 15% more likely to apply for the product. Attest gives us quantifiable statements of intent that we simply couldn’t have known otherwise.


The research Ubiquitous carried out with Attest clearly demonstrated the impact of taxi ads for their important client and enabled them to keep the brand on side. Since the client advertises different products throughout the year, the findings opened up discussions for follow-up campaign strategies.

These detailed findings provided hard evidence to keep us on the advertising plan. We are continuing to carry the client’s advertising throughout the year in various strategic bursts and continuing to use Attest insights to improve our advertising strategies.

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