How StudentUniverse bagged $2m in media coverage with travel report

A major piece of research into student and youth travel resulted in PR success for StudentUniverse

Market analysis
Massachusetts, US
50-200 employees


StudentUniverse, a leading travel booking site for students and young adults, were keen to gain a deeper understanding of their target market, as well as the wider industry in which they operate.  

They wanted insight that would allow them to refine their marketing messaging, and help them navigate more effectively as a business.

We had two main goals. The first was to garner as much market intelligence as possible. The second was to uncover findings to fuel our PR strategy, which is to become the authoritative voice of student and youth travel.

Will Jones, Global Brand Manager, StudentUniverse


StudentUniverse used Attest to survey 1,000 students aged 18-25 in each of their countries of operation (US, Canada, UK and Australia). The survey delved into young people’s most desired travel destinations, their reasons for traveling and the blockers they face.

We benefited from invaluable support and guidance from the Customer Research Team in structuring the questions in order to garner the cleanest and most useful data possible.

Notable insights included discovering that Gen-Z have very different travel motivations to previous generations – namely, they are more culture and less party oriented. And while they are concerned about the impact of their travels with respect to the climate crisis, relative to other concerns (such as financial cost and safety) it was the lowest ranked.


Following the research, StudentUniverse created a report entitled ‘The State of Student Travel 2023’, which they plan to repeat annually. As a “widely circulated internal document”, it aims to educate the entire business about the industry and help every employee become a more effective player within it. The report has also been used as a B2B marketing tool and to drive PR initiatives.

The most noteworthy result has come from the PR space – PR initiatives based on the report have so far resulted in over $2m in earned media coverage / ad equivalency.

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