Continuous insights

Check in with your target consumers like you check the time.

Define continuous insights

Continuous insights is the only way to make consumer understanding a competitive advantage. It describes brand leaders continuously checking in with their target audience for insight on all elements of their business growth.

Continuous insights embeds your consumer’s voice firmly into your business

By being truly tapped into consumers; how they think, act and buy, you can be sure you’re always making informed and winning decisions. Attest was built to make continuous insights possible for everyone.

Why continuous insights matter

The consumer you want is the single most important voice in your business today. Not your CEO, not the board, your consumer.

Your target customers hold the key to your company’s short and long term success. Without it:

  • You’ll never know your customers well enough
  • You risk being left behind
  • It’s harder to stand out for the right reasons
  • Time and resources can be wasted
  • There is a greater pressure on ROI and effectiveness
  • You risk putting out the wrong messaging or product

It’s strange then that your target consumer’s voice is so hard to call upon.

Complex and unreliable data sources or research agencies delivering slow, expensive projects mean you’re often forced to proceed with second guesses, blind hunches and a very bad return on investment.

Well you’re not alone.

On average, 1 in 4 business decisions are completely unbacked by consumer data


“I can’t target the audience I want”

“It takes too long”

“I find it hard to action off the insights”

We’ve asked marketing and insights professionals*

* Data from surveys ran on the Attest platform in January 2022 with >400 US & UK marketers and insights professionals.


claim it’s getting harder to keep up with changing consumer trends


claim their market has become more competitive 


are often forced to guess or rely on a hunch when it comes to what consumers want

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply and quickly ask your target consumer to offer insight into every decision?

Continuous insights makes this possible and puts businesses in the lead. It is the new way of working for marketers and insights professionals.

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If you’re catching up with what consumers want, you’ve already lost.

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How Attest makes continuous insights possible

By removing the typical barriers to entry for research, you’re empowered to ask more questions to any audience and unlock more unknowns for your business.

Attest’s easy-to-use, self-serve dashboard is coupled with on-demand research expertise, enabling anyone to quickly conduct high-quality research.

With access to >125 million consumers in 59 countries and results back in days, you can be truly tapped into the consumer on a continuous basis.

Attest is more than just a survey platform

It’s the best of both worlds in consumer research:
cutting-edge tech meets human expertise

But don’t just take our word for it…

“With Attest we can launch our campaigns safe in the knowledge that we’re fantastically well informed.”

Roel Hammers

Marketing Manager at Klarna

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“Attest makes decision-making much easier and can give you confidence that you’re making the right decision.”

Liz Yates

Head of Growth at Oddbox

See how Oddbox saved 200k on national expansion

“Folks who are launching new products, they know the importance of getting a quick read, to get a quick iteration… Attest has helped us do a lot of the front-end work that then we’re able to go and build on.”

Tripp Hughes

Senior Director of Consumer Strategy

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When to use continuous insights?

The answer is simple: always. Consumer insights can and should be involved at every stage of your business.

How to use Attest for continuous insights

1. Ask

Our intuitive platform, built-in templates and on demand research support mean you ask the questions that generate the most compelling insights.

2. Target

Connect to 125 million consumers in 59 countries. Layer on your own demographic and behavioural filters to speak to your ideal audience.

3. Watch

You start getting responses immediately. Our multi-panel methodology means you have you results in days, not weeks or months.

4. Analyse

We show insights, not empty data. Interact with your findings and view trends over time so you can easily uncover answers to business-critical questions.

5. Implement

Our three layers of data-quality controls ensure you can act on your findings with absolute confidence.

∞ Repeat

Keep continuously checking in with your target audience to unlock new insights, validate your decisions and dissolve any doubt.

The 5 benefits for marketers

1. No more guessing about your target customer

With continuous insights, you can know your target customer like you know your own friends or family. Learn more with every survey to build up a complete picture of who they are.

2. You can de-risk marketing campaigns and spend

When checking-in with consumers becomes a habit, brands become significantly less likely to make marketing mis-steps… and much more likely to deliver creative campaigns that resonate.

3. You’ll always know how you’re performing

Did your last campaign hit the mark? Are you moving the needle when it comes to brand performance? These common unknowns can be solved with continuous insights, telling you what’s working so you can pivot towards it.

4. You’re in the lead, not left behind

Maintaining a direct line to your consumers means you’re the first to hear the news. Stay on top of trends, opportunities and threats, and act before your competitors do.

5. You can prove your value

Demonstrating the ROI of brand building activities is challenging, but with continuous insights, you can put numbers on the intangible. And proving the impact of your work means greater stakeholder buy-in for future marketing projects.

The 5 benefits for insights professionals

1. No more “so what’s”

Insights are the new currency, not data. We get you to the answers quicker so you can take action and move on to the next major decision.

2. Get the right answers at the right time

No more missed opportunities relying solely on stale, out-of-date research. When time between input and action is drastically minimised, you can stay ahead of all of your stakeholders’ needs.

3. Extend your research team

Our team of research strategists act as extension of your team, giving you precious time back for other projects. You can achieve more, with less strenuous effort.

4. More control, with less exertion

No more cookie-cutter outputs; you’re in full control of the data and can easily build compelling stories to inform business decisions, without the grunt work.

5. You can drive business strategy

With relevant data you can trust, delivered in a timely manner, insights will be at the centre of your most critical business decisions.

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