Hybrid and flexible working at Attest

One of our core values is to Generate Outcomes. This means that we value Outputs > Inputs and believe that people are most productive when they get to choose how, where, and when they work.

How we do hybrid and flexible working at Attest 

We leave it up to Attesters to plan their workload and manage their time. This approach means that Attesters never have to miss their child’s sports day, a lunchtime dog walk, or an important delivery. 

When it comes to work, we value real flexibility and measure productivity and outcomes, not hours spent at a desk.

Our flexible and hybrid guiding principles 

  • We care about Outputs > Inputs: Productivity and outcomes are more important than hours spent at a desk
  • We believe that collaboration IRL is important: We encourage Attesters to come into the office at least 1 or 2 days a week.
  • We lead with trust and do not monitor whereabouts or track your hours.
  • We focus on the things that matter and have impact and manage our time wisely
  • Flexibility enables us to Include Intentionally
  • We ‘Win Together’ and are flexible and cooperative with our colleagues and work to find solutions that works best for all
Attest’s recent Values launch session

How does it work in practice?

  • Hybrid and flexible working can mean different things to various organisations. At Attest, we aim to provide clear and transparent information to potential Attesters about what these terms mean for us.
  • We value in-person collaboration and encourage all Attesters to spend time in our London or New York offices to work with their peers. Typically, most Attesters come into the office one or two days a week, though this can vary.
  • In our London office, the busiest days are Tuesday and Thursday, with Wednesday also being popular. If you’re planning to come in, these are the best days to choose. In our New York office, Wednesday is the busiest day.
  • Our offices are open every day for any Attesters who find it beneficial to work in the office environment more regularly.
  • We do not dictate specific working hours or monitor the time you spend at your desk or online. We trust you to manage your own workload and time and recognize and reward the outcomes you deliver.

Include Intentionally

Our approach to flexible and hybrid working is both purposeful and intentional, reflecting our core value of ‘Include Intentionally.’ Research from Flexa (2022) shows that flexible working helps retain parents, support carers, improve access to work for those with disabilities, and create a better environment for marginalized employees. Our flexible working guidelines are designed to support our overall DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) approach and goals.

What do Attesters say about our hybrid and flexible approach? 

“There is a recognition that not everyone works the same. You can manage your own time and how you work best”

“You are treated like an adult who is capable of managing your own work and your own life”

“It’s one of the things I love about working here the most, that flexibility, because it isn’t strict, because I can come to the office when it works for me, nobody’s checking up on me.” 

“I was looking for something that would work around my family, I had to have a job that did that.”

Formal requests for flexibility 

As Attest provides significant flexibility, it’s likely that in many cases employees will consider that informal flexibility, or temporary arrangements agreed with their managers, are sufficient. 

However, we have a Flexible Work Policy for the UK where employees can make a formal request to permanently change their working patterns, in line with the legal/statutory process in the UK. 

If you would like to find out more about the formal policy, please reach out to [email protected] 

Emily Meiklejohn

Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Lead 

Emily leads Attest's Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand projects, working closely with candidates and Attesters to make sure people love working here.

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