Turning poop into gold: Baby Brezza finds global opportunity for diapering product

Learn how Baby Brezza, the number one brand of baby appliances, used consumer research to validate launching in a new category in multiple markets.

Best known for their formula maker appliance, Baby Brezza wanted to move beyond feeding accessories, into the diapering category. They felt confident their new product would be successful in the US but they didn’t know if they should launch it in any other markets. 

“The product relates to the use of diaper ointment and diapering and we didn’t have any expertise,” explains David Contract, Marketing Team Lead at New Jersey-based Betesh Group, which owns the Baby Brezza brand. 

Baby Brezza first used Attest in early 2021, when the brand was embarking on global marketing and needed insight into positioning. For this second major piece of research they carried out market analysis among mothers in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, Korea and Taiwan. 

What was great was that within less than a week, we got the results back.

David Contract, Marketing Team Lead

“We wanted to cover some of the big markets in Europe, and some big markets in Asia and understand consumer habits and practices in those markets. Because even though babies are the same around the world, parents’ behaviors and approaches are different.”

David didn’t have to wait long for the vital insights he needed to understand which markets offered the most potential. “What was great was that within less than a week, we got the results back,” he says. “I was able to go through it all and then I realized that there’s actually a lot more similarity than difference in terms of this new product opportunity around the world.”

Quantifying the market opportunity

Key metrics that Baby Brezza were looking for in the research included how people diaper their baby, if they use diaper ointment, how often they use it, and why they use it.   

“I was able to actually quantify the market opportunity using those usage results,’ says David. “I know how many babies are born in a particular market and when I could marry that up with the usage of diaper ointment, when they start and when they finish, I could predict the size of the market.” 

I was able to actually quantify the market opportunity using the results.

Baby Brezza used the layered data to determine which markets would make it into their tier-one launch, as well as their tier-two. They then set to work introducing the product to their global distributors, using the data to get their buy-in. 

“It’s easy for me to go to one of my distributors and say, ‘listen, this is a powerful new product that makes sense for your market’ when I can share specific market data for that country with them. In the past, before Attest, we would say, ‘well, the American consumer thinks this and we would expect the Swedish consumer or the Australian consumer to think the same’ and their pushback was always, ‘how do you know that?’ Well, now we know. To me, that’s knowledge, so that’s power and it helps us make better decisions.”

Mapping out an international product launch

Launching in the US in April 2022, Baby Brezza’s new diaper product will be introduced in Canada a few months later and then into Europe before the end of the year. According to David, the research they did with Attest is enabling them to expedite the international launch. 

“Typically it could be a year or two later that our products launch outside of North America. In this case, we’re hoping to launch the product within a year of the US launch into some markets in Europe.”

Europe is in Baby Brezza’s tier-one launch plans because the region has similar usage patterns for diaper ointment as the US. Asia, on the other hand, shows some differences that make the opportunity there smaller. 

The data has helped influence where we’re gonna steer our efforts.

David explains: “In Asia, and Taiwan and Korea specifically, there’s a lot less diaper ointment usage than in Europe and the US and Australia. And the usage in those countries starts later than in North America. So that data helped influence where we’re gonna steer our efforts.”

He adds that Europe turned out to be a much bigger opportunity than they were expecting; bigger even than their home market: “What’s interesting about the research we did was it actually opened our eyes to what a big opportunity this is globally. Initially the plan was just to launch it in the US. Now we’re being more aggressive and hoping to launch it globally within the first year of launch in the US.” 

Driving CAGR

Baby Brezza have chalked up a compound annual growth rate of around 35% over the past four years, aided in part by the pandemic and the added pressure felt by new parents. The company now hope to accelerate that growth through global expansion.  

“We’ve used Attest to help identify where we think the biggest opportunities are. And we’re now focused on expanding our presence around the world in countries where there’s a need and where our products can make a difference,” says David.

“We have to steer ourselves to countries where there’s enough parents with enough disposable income that can afford our solutions. But the good news is there are plenty of countries like that we’re not in today. So a big focus is to expand our presence and then really to market more aggressively in the countries we’re already in. And I think those are gonna be the two key focus areas for us over the next couple years.”

I’m confident Attest will help us uncover the insight that will make success happen.

But it’s not only about market expansion. Growth will be supplemented by continued NPD, delivering innovations that align to Baby Brezza’s mission of making parenting easier. 

David concludes: “I’m excited about the next few years, leveraging our great brand, our great products, expanding our current distribution around the world, and then layering on exciting and revolutionary new products. I think that’s the formula for success for us. And to tie it back to Attest, I’m confident Attest will help us uncover the insight that will help make that happen.”

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