Consumer Trends: How to Cut the Mustard with Foodies

How do food foodies behave? What are their buying habits and interests? And which brands resonate most with them? Attest's Consumer Index takes an in-depth look at this specific group, to better understand what makes them tick, and how brands can successfully target them.

The Attest Consumer Trends Reports are in-depth explorations of a predefined consumer group. Consumers who self-identify with the behaviours or demographic categories of this group are surveyed and asked about their market-specific views, and consumer habits more generally. 

The preferred brands, influencers and social media platforms, as well as their priorities when considering and making purchases are all interrogated in a consistent format within each Consumer Trends Report. 

This report includes: 

  • Behaviours and interests of foodies, specifically their sentiments towards food & drink brands
  • Social media and shopping habits of this consumer group, both within the food & drink market and more widely
  • Market and brand awareness
  • Key takeaways for brands looking to target this unique segment of the market

Top 10 food & drink brands according to foodies: 

  1. Marks & Spencer
  2. Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  3. Jamie Oliver
  4. Tesco Finest
  5. Waitrose
  6. Graze
  7. Cartwright & Butler
  8. TruffleHunter
  9. Merchant Gourmet

Key Findings: 

There are increasing numbers of brands explicitly targeting the foodie consumer segment, as demand for niche food products are heading upwards, and in tandem the foodie title becomes more mainstream with more people accessing these unique products.

Representing a more generally innovative and adventurous consumer segment, foodies are captivated by Tech and Science news stories, and can be found ‘checking in’ to their favourite restaurants on Facebook or updating their Insta story with their latest culinary creation.

Their social media feeds are important to them, and they’re likely to spot an advert there, or on TV.

That said, if they’re proactively searching for new gastronomic experience, Google (and therefore SEO) still dominates, so don’t focus 100% on paid social at the expense of building links, interesting content and persuasive reviews.

And in terms of focused messaging, quality, innovation and experience are key, over and above cost or convenience. These are not lazy, spendthrift consumers, meaning they’re willing to pay a premium to be wowed!

Marks & Spencer are winning considerable share of mind in this market, coming top as the most popular and most impressive brand of recent months. This is despite negative press and controversial store closures, indicating that their key market is likely to be customers frequenting their food halls, rather than than their other departments.

Foodies are influenced when deciding to try new brands by their friends and family, as well as Google and other review websites. They are also influenced by the brands adopted by their favourite celebrity chefs. Jamie Oliver is a firm favourite for the influencer position, as well as owning a brand that’s both popular and impressive to these consumers.


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