A Note on Systemic Racism

At Attest, we understand the impact we can have on the world around us, and we want to be a driving force for positive change.

Systemic racism will not be solved overnight. It will also not be solved by us as a company making a heartfelt, thoughtful, but one-off statement to condemn racism in all its forms, and reiterate our support for the ongoing protests and what they stand for.

We can’t altogether solve the challenges of systemic racism and injustice. What we can do is commit to take specific, targeted and ongoing actions as a company that are transparent and hold us to account on this vitally important topic. Not just now, but in many months time when the news cycle has changed. It will ensure the importance is not forgotten when the movement slows, and ensures we can be held to account, ensuring we do what we say we will.

We have decided to share some of the commitments we have made as a company and as a team publicly, in the hope it is useful to others seeking to make similar commitments to each other now and for the future. We know this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we’d love to hear of more commitments to actions we can and should continue to make and deliver against.

These are our commitments.


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