The Attest Centre of Excellence (ACE)


The Attest Centre of Excellence was created with only one goal in mind - to help you get the best experience possible with Attest. We will enable you to do more with Attest and consumer intelligence, help you make better decisions and inspire you in new ways of thinking.

What is ACE?

ACE stands for the Attest Centre of Excellence - a team of people who are experts in the fields of consumer intelligence, market research, data analytics and consumer brands. ACE is about sharing knowledge and expertise so you can benefit and consistently achieve the goals you set out with Attest. Everything from getting started with simple things, through to unlocking amazing insights that can drive new business growth.

When can you use ACE?

At any point, there are no limits or restrictions.

Our most common use-cases are:

1) Training & onboarding you and your team to Attest, so everyone is comfortable and confident using the platform.

2) Before a survey launches, we can help you create, draft and optimise your questions to ensure the best results possible.

3) After a survey has completed, we can help you analyse and understand what the real insights are and share that with your key stakeholders.

4) How to use insights in new ways. We show you how to apply best practices and innovative new ways of working with consumer data so that new habits become second-nature across your team and organisation.

Why should we use ACE?

We’re experts at applying all the benefits of Attest’s platform to established and consistently required processes like Brand Tracking, Proposition Development, Creative Testing, Competitor Tracking. We can help you make these more useful, more customised, simpler, more accessible, more valuable, more frequent, and more efficient.

Unlocking new capabilities, transforming the way you use data. Evolving how teams work, giving new teams access to data, unlocking new use cases, using new data far more frequently, creating customer-centricity and cultural change.

Can you give me a few examples?

Sure - lots of examples in our case-studies page which you can find here.

Who are the ACE team?

Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro 

Having worked agency side (Kantar) with big FMCG companies like Tesco and Procter & Gamble and client side (Ferrero), has a wealth of consumer research experience. Particularly on how it can be applied to various business situations and the best ways to get actionable insight from it. 

Alessandra Aquino 

With a strong background in a wide range of market research projects across EMEA, having worked at Euromonitor and Thomson Reuters, Alessandra is an expert in uncovering new opportunities where data can be useful. Be it market entry, pricing, competitive landscape or business development strategy.  

Zori Zdravkova 

With a diverse background in superyacht magazines and start-ups, Zori has been exposed to a plethora of data sets and cases. With her thriving excitement and curiosity for patterns and trends, she strives to help clients make better decisions through data.

Can ACE help me with briefs?

Yes we can.

Briefs vary and differ by client and use-case, however we are more than happy to help you with any brief that involves Attest. Be it creating a quick analysis or a full blown presentation, we will work together with you to deliver the end result you need to ensure you get the most out of your Attest results.

Briefs can come included as part of your subscription or you can get access to ACE specifically for your project brief.

How can I get access to ACE?

At Attest we view our ACE team as a centre of value creation and help, not revenue. We’re a technology business, not a consultancy, so there is no markup for when ACE works with you. However as a highly in-demand team, we have to prioritise their attention.

This means ACE access comes as standard in our Unlimited subscription plans. For those on other subscriptions and plans, if you’re unsure whether you can access ACE resources (and would like to), please get in touch!


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