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Our brand awareness survey template helps you determine exactly where your business stands in terms of brand awareness, and where you might find the opportunities to grow.

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Brand awareness is something that is increasingly important to measure, especially in highly saturated and competitive markets.

Our brand awareness survey template has been written by our in-house research experts and helps you set up your brand awareness surveys to gather truly valuable insights.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is how aware people are that your brand exists. Do they know you, do they know your products or services, and how well do they understand what you bring to the market? This is what you’ll discover when you run a brand awareness survey.

Why do I need to conduct a brand awareness survey?

Some successful brands are always top of mind, while others just can’t seem to stick. It even goes as far as some brands becoming verbs (think Google, Photoshop, Tinder and Venmo). And they didn’t just come there with sheer luck.

Often, brands just ‘work on their marketing’, without making it specific what their goal is. Are they trying to improve their reputation, establish a strong brand identity, increase brand loyalty—or are they trying to get their brand seen by more people?

By tracking a specific metric such as brand awareness, you’ll be able to craft much more effective marketing campaigns and have a better understanding of how your marketing spend impacts your key metrics.

But you can’t just launch your next commercial or ad: it’s crucial you figure out where your brand is at now, so you can later on measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. And the best way to do that? A brand awareness survey!

What should I include in the survey template?

We’ve created a brand survey template that covers all the basics, but we encourage you to tailor it to your specific needs.

For instance, if you want to measure the effect a specific campaign had on your band awareness, make sure questions make that crystal clear. Ask respondents if they saw the campaign, and what stood out to them most.

If your band awareness study revolves around identifying the right channels to boost your brand on, reflect that in the questions.

We’d also recommend you to keep in some questions about demographic information, so you can differentiate how your brand is performing amongst different groups. But if you’re using Attest, you can also use our built-in demographic filters to cut the data.

In order to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns it’s crucial that brand awareness metrics make up part of your measurement stack

How to get started with our brand awareness survey template

Before you dive into our template, here are some important steps to follow to make the most out of it.

Figure our your key objectives

Before you start your brand awareness study, make sure you figure out what you want to learn from it. What are your key objectives? Once you know that, you can start tailoring your questions to fit those objectives.

Start with our brand awareness survey template

There’s no need to spend time creating your own survey—use our template that you can tailor to your needs. Our in-house experts from the Customer Research Team have created this template to set you up for your brand awareness survey the right way.You can add more questions that are relevant to your specific research goals. Need some inspiration? Here are some brand awareness survey questions that we love.

Determine the right brand awareness survey questions

Figure out how questions can relate to each other, and make sure you follow up on questions in a logical way. Your respondents will be grateful, too.

Mix open-ended questions with closed-ended ones. And avoid mixing in questions about things like brand image or what product features potential customers are looking for: those are different things that deserve their own survey, such as a concept testing survey or a brand perception survey.

Add demographic questions

Along with Attest’s pre-set demographic filters, you can also add demographic questions to spot differences between population segments and develop ultra-targeted advertising.

It will also help you spot trends within specific segments, so you don’t generalize answers. The benefit of this is that when creating action points, you make sure you can work with focus.

If one specific segment is dragging down your brand awareness, you can aim more of your efforts at them and channels that work on that part of the market, and create content that they identify with specifically.

Make sure you’re talking to the right target audiences

It doesn’t just matter what you ask; it’s all about who you’re asking. With our audience of 125 million in 59 countries, you’ll be sure to find who you’re looking for.

We have plenty of demographic filters to ensure that your target audience is as relevant and real as possible.

Follow up with brand awareness surveys

Measuring brand awareness just once doesn’t make sense. Make this a healthy habit for your business and set up brand tracking, and follow up after big campaigns or other important events for your business.

Brand awareness FAQs

How do you create brand awareness?

There are many ways to build brand awareness, but some of the most common through marketing campaigns are PR and social media. It’s crucial that you choose the right channels, and messaging that catches the attention of the right people.

What are the different types of brand awareness?

There are three levels of brand awareness: awareness of your brand name, awareness of your product offering and awareness of your brand attributes. Remember that brand awareness is different from brand recognition: brand recognition is established using prompts, and tests whether consumers recognize your logo, branding or products.

How do I measure brand awareness?

The easiest way to measure brand awareness is by using an online survey. Choose a tool that gives you access to an audience that is relevant to your brand. We’d recommend you send out a survey that isn’t branded, to prevent consumer bias.
So, don’t ask: ‘How well do you know us?’ but instead choose a different angle: ‘Which brands do you know in product category X?’. This will eliminate consumer bias and give you more accurate results.
In our brand awareness survey template, we help you with great example questions that you can easily customize.
You can sign up and send out your first survey for free.

Start measuring important brand health metrics

Our research experts have created free survey templates to get you started. To use our brand awareness template, all you need to do is sign up for an account.

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How do I get started?

Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert researcher to track your brand and competitors in the market. Just use our template!

To use the brand tracker survey template just sign up to Attest. Or, if you’re already a customer, sign in to the Attest dashboard and get going. You’ll be able to choose the template when you begin creating a survey. We’ve got several other survey templates and survey questions available to choose from, so keep your eyes peeled for those too!

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What is Attest?

With Attest, you can easily create and send out surveys to a quality audience, and gather actionable insights, all in one place.

Whether you’re trying to build a customer profile, test the idea for a new product or campaign or gather information for your marketing campaigns: ours is the perfect survey tool for it.

We’re enabling businesses to get high-quality data fast and from the right consumers. Our tool comes with built-in demographic breakdowns, 7 different question types, and all results are instantly sent to an interactive and intuitive dashboard where you can reveal answers quickly.

But all that would mean nothing if we wouldn’t be able to give you access to respondents who are relevant to your brand. And we are sure that within our pool of 125 million respondents who are spread across 59 countries, you will find the people that matter to your business.

You can also build your own survey and send it out to your own contacts, if you’re looking to collect customer feedback straight from the source and connect to your customers directly.