What’s the hottest US brand in consumer credit tech?

Curious about how COVID has changed the attitudes and behaviors of Americans towards consumer credit tech? Or who is currently winning the hard-fought battle for share of mind? Find out in this data-backed mini report.

What's the hottest US brand in consumer credit tech?

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What’s inside?

  • The rise of consumer credit tech and the brands vying for market share in the US.
  • What the most recognized brands in credit tech are – including unprompted and prompted brand awareness.
  • How the coronavirus pandemic has changed consumer behavior and led to a widespread desire amongst Americans to take control of their finances.
  • Includes analysis of Affirm, Earnin, Klarna, MoneyLion, SoFi and Splitit.

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What’s the hottest US brand in consumer credit tech?

Brand building is a vital part of growing any business – it’s been shown time and time again that your visibility in the market directly correlates to your share of the market. In fact, brand awareness can influence everything from your sales performance and retail opportunities, through to your ability to attract talent. But do you know how much brand awareness your business has? And how you’re faring against your competitors? 

We’re Attest, a consumer research platform designed to help you answer those questions. We work with growth brands like TransferWise, Klarna, Microsoft and Gymshark, providing the tools and knowledge that allow them to understand their customers and grow their markets. 

Our self-service platform lets brands get consumer feedback in lightning-fast time, while three layers of quality measures means they can have complete confidence in the data. We also have a team of research assistants to help brands get the most useful insights from their projects.

And to give you a taste, we’ve run a survey looking at brand awareness in the financial technology sector, specifically consumer credit apps. We’ve chosen six brands to investigate, polling 500 US consumers that use financial apps to discover the biggest movers and shakers right now (check out the source data and interactive Attest dashboard).  

In this mini-report, we’ll also delve into some key consumer trends for 2021 – including people’s widespread desire to take control of their finances and how credit tech companies can help. Finally, we’ll explain how brand tracking lets brands monitor their brand awareness so they can keep up with (and get ahead of) their competitors. 

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