US Media Consumption Report 2020

How have American consumers’ watching, listening, reading and scrolling habits been affected by recent national events? Attest’s US Media Consumption Report 2020 reveals some interesting changes (includes data from 2,000 working age US consumers collected during May 2020).

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US Media Consumption Report 2020

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What’s inside?

  • Streamed and live TV viewing data, including year-on-year changes
  • The nation’s new favourite video and music streaming platforms
  • Consumption trends for newspapers, magazines, radio and podcasts
  • Which social media platforms we’re using and how frequently

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With coronavirus, riots and political events, it’s been anything but an average year so far. Shelter-in-place orders mean many of us have spent more time than usual at home and less time commuting to work or socialising.

But has all of this affected the amount or type of media we consume? In this report, we break down the key changes in behaviour by demographic and look at the media providers that have benefitted the most.  

By comparing data (collected at the end of May 2020) with last year’s results, we see there have been some interesting developments in both video and music streaming subscriptions, while printed newspapers also receive a boost. 

We also take a look at the popularity of magazines, radio and podcasts, and explore trends in social media usage. So, if you need to know how to reach American consumers with your advertising, read on for the latest insight.

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