The Remote Marketer’s Guide to Productive Teams

Working remotely? Struggling to maintain productivity and collaboration? With the right tech stack and people frameworks, team performance doesn’t have to suffer. We share our experience of establishing a successful WFH culture.

The Remote Marketer's Guide to Productive Teams

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  • The key 7 factors for productive dispersed teams
  • The people frameworks Attest uses for successful remote working
  • Top tools for aiding collaboration and productivity
  • Practical tips for maintaining team morale

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When businesses get thrown a curveball, their people need to band together. Usually, this means meetings, off-sites, brainstorming sessions and workshops. But how can people work as effective teams when they’re all in separate locations? 

Finding the right technology to aid collaboration and remote working has never been more vital. At Attest, we’ve seen our team of nearly 100 people dispersed across two countries (and beyond), but we’re not new to working from home.

A pillar of our company culture is responsible autonomy, meaning that people take ownership of their output. They are empowered to work remotely and enjoy flexible hours. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, this was seen as progressive. Now, remote working is the new reality for many companies.  

Those who were used to a more traditional style of working are rapidly trying to adapt and stop productivity from taking a nosedive. We wanted to help, so we’ve used our experience and people frameworks to create this guide for productive teams. We’ll also share the tried-and-tested tools that we rely on to keep our teams performing. 

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