The D2C Digest (US)

The D2C Digest (US)

What’s the outlook for the US direct-to-consumer sector post-pandemic? How will consumer behavior change? What can D2C brands do to stand out in a growing market? Which are the D2C brands making waves? We answer all these questions and more in The D2C Digest, a beautifully designed review full of the latest consumer insight, data, case studies, interviews and expert advice. It’s an essential read for D2C marketers, founders and brand leaders. Fill in your details to download your copy now!

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What’s inside?

  • Data from 2,000 US consumers exploring how online shopping habits will change across different demographics
  • The CMO of beauty subscription superstar Beauty Pie on the secrets to D2C success
  • How beverage brand DRY is going through a “second wave of start-up” after successfully ramping up its focus on D2C during the pandemic
  • The most exciting D2C startups in America right now

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