The 16 Biggest Marketing Trends for 2020

We asked 14 marketing leaders for their expert take on 2020’s marketing trends, and how you can use them to get ahead of the competition.

The 16 Biggest Marketing Trends for 2020

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  • Insight from 14 marketing experts on the trends they see exploding in 2020
  • Voices from a range of industries, from SaaS startups to creative agencies
  • How brands can up their marketing efforts with trends like conversational marketing, A/B testing, and performance marketing
  • How better consumer insight is making it easier to create campaigns that resonate in 2020

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It’s no secret that the world of marketing is changing all the time (and that’s part of what makes the job so fun). With new tech, changing consumer trends, and more connectivity than ever before, the marketing world is advancing all the time.

To understand the biggest marketing trends for 2020, we asked 14 marketing leaders what they thought the most exciting trends are right now, and what they think marketers should be capitalizing on. We’ve got the low-down on everything from conversational marketing, to podcasting, to attribution models, to customer experience.

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