A Year in the Snacks Category – Infographic

We collected a whole bunch of data on the biggest brands in the snack industry throughout 2019. Now we’ve combined all of that data into one beautiful infographic that’s yours to download, print, and hang on your wall (we know you’ll want to – it’s that good).

A Year in the Snacks Category - Infographic

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What’s inside?

  • Insights from a sample of 4,000 nationally-representative UK participants
  • A year-long view of brand awareness and consumer sentiment in the snack category, with data from every quarter
  • Which brands reigned supreme on brand health metrics from Unprompted Awareness to Net Promoter Score
  • The characteristics most highly-rated in the 10 top snack brands

Still not sure? Have a read…

In 2019 we surveyed a unique sample of 1000 nationally representative consumers each quarter, to dip into their thoughts about the snacks industry. Here we’ve brought together all four quarters of data for the first time, to bring you a year-long view of this tasty industry. Sink your teeth into this!

The metrics the infographic covers:

  • Unprompted Brand Awareness
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Purchase Intent
  • Industry-Specific Questions & Characteristics
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