July 18, 2019

Media Consumption Report 2019

What TV show are you binge-watching at the moment? Chances are, there is one. Is it a show you always watch, or something brand new to you in 2019? Maybe it’s a show that has loads of hype around it, so you finally gave it a go and now you’re hooked.  

Speaking of hooked, when was the last time you checked your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account? A couple of minutes ago? You’re not alone. 

The binge-culture that the UK has succumbed to encourages short bursts of intense activity before the next best thing comes along. Whether that’s playing a game until you’ve conquered all the levels, finishing four series’ of a show in a single night, or burning through podcasts on your commute to work. 

All this – plus people’s limited attention spans – means media habits are changing rapidly, and staying up-to-date with consumers’ behaviour is more important than ever. Are your target consumers still watching the same TV channels, checking the same social apps, and reading the same newspapers as they were last year? There’s an easy (and accurate) way to find out: ask.

And there’s another way, too. You can read this report, which covers media consumption from all angles:

  • A snapshot of UK media consumption in 2019
  • Behavioural change analysis within key media segments, between 2018 and 2019
  • Highlighting trends in the data, uncovering future opportunities for your brand