Attest's panel methodology and approach to data quality

Attest’s panel methodology and approach to data quality

In this guide, we’ll share everything we’re doing to ensure our customers get some of the best quality data available from online research platforms. We’ll share how we review the quality of our panel providers, as well as our quality controls on the Attest end (both automated and human checks).

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What’s inside?

  • A brief summary of our mixed methodology approach to research
  • How respondents are incentivised
  • How we review our panel partners
  • Detail on our propriety quality control methods

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The Attest methodology

There are lots of reasons people participate in research, and we cater to four of those diverse motivations: 

  • The desire to contribute, give back and be part of something
  • The desire to share knowledge you have
  • The desire to do something and be rewarded
  • The desire to have a say in an outcome or event

We partner with panel aggregators to access 100s of panels, communities and partners around the world. Each sample provider we access has a unique recruitment and reward method. 

We understand that not everyone is motivated by the same rewards (money, vouchers, loyalty points etc), so a mixed-methodology approach encourages the greatest range of respondents to take part. By sending every survey to a range of sample providers, we dramatically increase the diversity of real people Attest can reach, ultimately delivering great results and removing panel bias and survey fatigue. 

Our mixed-methodology also centers on a pull rather than a push approach, so people arrive naturally whenever they have time. It’s a much more natural way to participate in research, so it doesn’t feel like work. All respondents are served Attest surveys in the consumer panel or community that they’ve elected to be a part of, meaning we reach people on their terms, in one streamlined experience. All surveys are anonymous, without any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), to encourage honesty from respondents.

Whichever context respondents arrive at Attest through, they receive the same, non-branded, optimised survey experience. Our surveys are mobile-first, designed to work perfectly on changing mobile phone screen sizes, as that’s where we know most consumers are taking surveys these days. Additionally, our surveys are device-agnostic; we design from the smallest screen sizes up, so that whichever respondents you target, and whatever device they use, they have a smooth survey experience. 

We reach the types of busy and affluent people that are often harder to engage, by making the user experience simple, bite-sized and delivered in context. 

Read more about our mixed-methodology approach to sampling, here.

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