2022 UK Consumer trends report

2022 UK Consumer trends report

What are the consumer trends that brands need to know for success in 2022? In this report, we present data from 1,000 UK consumers looking at what’s top of mind for them right now, and how they want brands to respond. Fill in your details to download your copy now!  

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What’s inside?

  • The shift in the type of messaging consumers want to hear from brands since last year’s report.
  • The top issues consumers want brands to take a stand on in 2022.
  • Which social media platforms consumers are using to interact with brands – including the rise of TikTok.
  • Where people are shopping, what they’re saving up for and the industries that look set to benefit.

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From the CEO

Jeremy King, Attest CEO

Whether you want to find inspiration for your next marketing campaign, understand how to better reach your target consumers, or get a steer on NPD for 2022, our consumer trends report has the insights you need. 

Last year’s consumer trends report was carried out at the height of the pandemic, before the start of the COVID-19 vaccination programme (September/October 2020) and centered around lockdown behaviour. This time around, we look at how Brits* are feeling now that 68% of the population are fully vaccinated and social distancing measures are mostly no longer in place.

The shift in the UK’s situation has had an interesting impact on the messaging people want to hear from brands, yet people are by no means feeling certain about the future. There are multiple issues influencing consumer outlook, like climate change and poverty, and sentiment remains cautious. 

We see other notable developments when it comes to receptiveness to marketing and where Brits are most likely to interact with brands (hello TikTok!). And we get evidence that our shopping and working habits have been permanently changed by the pandemic (you can dig into the data yourselves in our interactive dashboard). 

In terms of opportunities, we explore where different demographics are planning to spend their money, what they’re doing with leisure time, and the shape of their lives as we head into 2022. Finally, we know it’s not all about the UK, so we’ve thrown in a case study with unicorn buy-now-pay-later brand Klarna looking at how they’ve mastered global expansion by getting an understanding of consumers in new markets.

If you have any comments, questions or ideas after reading our 2022 UK consumer trends report, please do share them with us: [email protected].

*survey of 1,000 working-age UK consumers carried out in October 2021


  1. Sentiment trends – how the nation is feeling
  2. Marketing trends – how consumers want to hear from brands
  3. Shopping & spending trends – where and how people are spending their money
  4. Lifestyle trends – how the shape of society is changing
  5. Media consumption trends – what people are watching, listening to and reading 
  6. How to master global expansion like Klarna
  7. The 2022 consumer – what today’s consumer looks like

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