How MOMA measured the success of their first big oat milk campaign

When MOMA went large on an ATL campaign, they needed to prove return on investment 

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Porridge and oat milk brand MOMA was on the brink of launching a big ‘above the line’ advertising campaign for their Barista edition oat milk. The campaign creative was built around MOMA’s new brand positioning as ‘the craft oat company’ and spanned multiple touch points including connected TV, outdoor, in-store and social. To be able to test the impact of the campaign – and justify the spend – they conducted pre and post-campaign brand tracking.

Return on investment is ultimately what it comes down to. You need to be able to show that the needle is moving in response to the money that you’re spending.

Natasha Thompson, Marketing Director, MOMA Foods


Working with Attest – experts in brand tracking – MOMA created a survey to get baseline metrics around brand awareness, brand sentiment, and purchase intent for the oat milk category. Once the campaign had concluded, MOMA ran the survey again, this time showing the advert creative.

They asked consumers for their feelings on the ad and the message they had received from it. They also asked respondents if they had seen the ad before, and if they had, where. 

The feedback was really positive in terms of the messages that they took away from the ad and the overall shift in brand awareness. This helped to support and endorse our investment.

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MOMA’s marketing team presented the results of the pre and post campaign tracking to their internal stakeholders. They also shared the data with their media and creative agencies, enabling them to identify anything that should be ramped up or dialled down ahead of future activity. MOMA plan to run their brand tracker at regular intervals to stay in tune with the category and their consumers.

While we’ve done sporadic topline brand awareness surveys in the past, this is a much more insightful, detailed way of understanding the impact of our marketing over time. And it’s been brilliant to know that we’ve got a dedicated team at Attest if we need any help or advice.

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