Manscaped measure brand perception to inform pricing

When Manscaped grew into new categories, they wanted to ensure they were positioning their products correctly.

Market analysis
Personal care
California, US
200-500 employees


Manscaped, a male grooming brand, wanted to understand perception of their brand in comparison to competitors, to help them find their product pricing ‘sweet spot’.

We’re entering into new categories as we grow so we were trying to figure out what sort of brand premium the Manscaped brand had in those categories, if any.

Monica Aguilo, Senior Director – Consumer Insights, Strategy & Social


Manscaped used Attest to survey their target consumers about how they felt about different brands in each of their categories in terms of quality.

Once we got the data back, it basically confirmed some decisions that we were making around pricing and positioning within the categories. So it really helped us to confirm those things and make sure that we were positioning ourselves the way that we thought we should be.


According to Monica, the research Manscaped conducted with Attest allowed them to set prices that were in line with their brand perceptions. They plan on carrying out further testing to make sure their products are perceived as high quality in the new categories they’ve entered.

I love Attest. I love the speed and agility. I also really love that you guys provide a dedicated rep. I’m a marketer by trade, not a researcher, so it is nice to be able to have somebody to talk to whenever I have questions.

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