DRY increased revenue by 170% with data-based new product development

How DRY Soda Co. successfully launched a new product when Covid made traditional methods impossible.

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As innovation in the craft non-alcoholic beverage space has exploded, DRY continue to innovate on what zero-proof can deliver. CRO Betsy Frost and her team used Attest to help refine their launch of DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda, one of the first ready-to-drink, zero-proof craft cocktails. 

The first inspiration came from our own team’s behavior and home experimentation and we heard the need for more interesting, less sweet options from a lot of our friends and fans. But we needed better intuition if the job we were trying to do was being translated in the first moment of truth.

Betsy Frost, CRO at DRY

The challenge was that the new product development process was taking place during the coronavirus pandemic. This meant that DRY couldn’t do things as they usually would.

Our original plan was to demo the product in store and at some bars and tasting rooms where people are drinking or looking for alternatives, to try and buy, but we couldn’t do any of that.


DRY worked with small focus groups and then used Attest to validate the findings on a larger scale. Frost terms the research method “quasi-quant” because the quantitative stats are grounded in qualitative research. 

I’ve been using Attest to get gut, first moment of truth, reactions to concepts and to expand my sample sizes. I’ve been doing in-depth focus groups with people, showing them the shelf set, seeing what they see, understanding where the brand is versus other brands, and then using Attest.

It gives me a larger sample size of a random group of people to see if what I am getting on a micro-level holds, or if it highlights gaps or warning signs in the feedback from a smaller, tip of the spear group. The directional look from Attest has also helped me come up with areas to dig deeper in qualitative conversations or refocus. For example, if I see 65% of people who highly like this product concept are men and my early interviews were primarily with women, I wanted to make sure that I was getting input from the right people.


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DRY Botanical Bitters & Sodas launched in May 2021 in three flavors – Aromatic, Bright/Herbal and Sweet/Spicy. Inspired by craft mixology, they are targeted at consumers seeking zero-proof drinks that have the same depth of flavor as traditional spirit-based cocktails. 

Botanical Bitters & Sodas has become the #1 item on DRY’s site, with the BB&S variety pack selling more than twice the units of the next best seller (DRY Lavender).

DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda launched in the top 15 of new products on Amazon and has provided consumers the complexity they have been looking for. The design work we did with Attest truly brings to life the proposition of the complexity and sophistication of a zero-proof cocktail. The zero-sugar claim continues to be a core reason that people buy it and has been our number one search term, which was based on a core learning that emerged from the research.

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