How Bugaboo optimized the propositions for three new baby strollers

With a trio of ‘comfort’ strollers launching simultaneously, Bugaboo used Attest to create clearly differentiated propositions.

New product development
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1,000-5,000 employees


Premium parenting brand Bugaboo is continually innovating in stroller design. During the development of their latest models – Bugaboo Fox 5, Bugaboo Fox Cub and Bugaboo Dragonfly – Bugaboo needed to answer two questions: what is the appeal of the drafted propositions and how could these be optimized further to stand out from one other?

It was important to get a feel about the impact of launching these strollers without putting it into extensive research. We wanted to get these insights quickly to be able to keep the ball rolling on creative work in preparation for a bigger validation research project.

Eleonore Schut, Market Intelligence Specialist, Bugaboo


Bugaboo used Attest to survey parents with kids of stroller age as well as expectant parents in various markets. The survey aimed to explore purchase drivers in the ‘comfort’ segment and, in line with this information, understand the preferred positioning of their new baby strollers. Also, they ran A/B tests to decide which exact terms they should lean in to.

We showed the ‘wow’ claims and benefits so that we could see which of them is most attractive to expectant parents and why. It really helped us to structure these three strollers and their messaging.


Besides helping to craft the positioning for the new strollers, the research also provided a steer on pricing the three new models. This prompted Bugaboo to do a bigger portfolio study before setting the final RRP. 

For the product managers, Attest helps make their job easier because they can rely on facts and figures for their decisions instead of having to rely on their gut feel only. It is a quick independent voice they can listen to (or not). We see it really helps to build business cases.

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