Attest’s response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, we’ve put in place a number of measures at Attest to make sure we can continue to provide our services to our clients around the world as well as do what we can to help contain the spread of the virus.

It’s helpful to reflect on the fact that our product is a cloud based, software as a service (SaaS), and so we don’t expect any performance issues in the product itself. That being said, we’ll still be here to support you in every way we can, with some adjustments made internally to optimise for the health and safety of our employees and those around us.

We’ve moved to full-time remote work

Luckily for us, Attest has always offered its employees the option to work remotely, and many do, regularly.  That’s why we’ve decided to close our office in London and have our employees work remotely until further notice. We’re doing this in an effort to help prevent the spread of the virus because, while most Attest employees are healthy and not in the high-risk category, we appreciate that is not the case for all of those around us, or in the wider community we live in. We have a responsibility towards these people, including others who work in our building and those we come into contact with during each others’ daily commute.

We’ve set up enhanced support for remote work

Because remote work is something our teams are well-versed in, we don’t believe it’ll cause much disruption to the rest of the team and business. Most of our clients, for example, will be familiar with remote meetings; we regularly host virtual meetings between clients and members or our excellent Attest Centre of Excellence (ACE) and/or account managers.  Because of this, all team members have access to reliable remote conferencing and workflow tools, so they can speak to anyone either within Attest or outside of the organisation, whenever they need or want to. This means we can continue to frictionlessly share and work collaboratively cross-functionally, with the ultimate goal of always delighting our clients and partners.

We also recognise that mandatory remote working is different to what our employees are used to, so we’ve published a number of guides on what remote working in quarantine looks like and what we can all do at Attest to ensure we continue to work successfully and collaboratively as a team.

We’re thinking about how the Attest platform can help going forward

Aside from what we can do to continue providing our services and support our employees, we’re thinking quite a bit about how our product can be used for good in the current climate. For example, we’ve begun tracking consumer sentiment, perception, and behaviour in light of the growing pandemic – we’ve started sharing these findings here. If you’d like to submit any questions to ask our audience, send a quick note to [email protected] and we’ll keep you looped in as findings come through.

Please know

We’re taking the situation very seriously at Attest. We know it’s changing day by day, and we’re monitoring those changes all the time and working closely with clients, our team and others to ensure not only that clients continue to receive the excellent service they’re used to from Attest, but we’re also taking this as an opportunity to actively take measures to improve even further on that level of service.

If you have any questions on the above, please do get in touch with your account manager or on [email protected] – we love hearing from you.