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Knowing who your existing and future customers are helps drive company direction and unlock new sources of growth. Our advanced audience access and filters makes this all possible.

“Attest allows us to truly represent our global customer base.”

Aleksi Seppo, Head of Marketing Intelligence at Airhelp


How can consumer profiling help?

Find your target audience

Our demographic filters makes it quick and easy to find out about your existing, target and growth customers; what they think, how they behave and why they buy.  

Build personas

This insight helps you create personas for your future and present consumers, from which you can tailor your marketing messages and improve your product and services to suit them. 

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Know how to reach them

You can also understand where and when is best to reach your target audience. What sets them apart from other consumers, and what specific pain points should you be addressing?

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Rebecca Porter, Consumer Research Manager at Boots

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