What should a Brand Manager ask their customers?

Welcome to Attest Explains. In this series we explore the wonderful world of market research, to help you better understand it, use it and ultimately grow your business as a result of it.

Whether you’re new to market research or just need a little refresher, this is our quick rundown of what brand managers could consider when doing consumer research before a brand awareness campaign.

We’ve pulled together eight example questions to get you started. 

Remember, these are just suggestions for you to think about. They’re here to give you an idea of the themes to consider when carrying out your consumer research. The actual questions will be dictated by your brand’s specific needs of course.

Okay, let’s get into it. 

Have you used this particular product or service before?

A question like this will help you whittle down your survey respondents to people you know have used the product or service you’re asking about. Basically, it helps you avoid speaking to people who will never be interested in your offering.

Would you recommend us to a friend?

This is a question most marketers will come across at some point. It’s used to determine the Net Promoter Score for a business. It tells you how satisfied your customers are, and whether they’re promoters or detractors of your brand. 

How would you describe our brand to a friend?

Asking for a description can help you determine how your brand’s personality is perceived. Hearing this in customers’ own words can be a really insightful way to learn about your brand’s reputation and how impactful your brand messaging has been. 

What initially attracted you to our brand?

By finding out what your customers initially thought about your brand, you’ll be able to create stronger brand messages and engaging content that will lure potential customers into that buying journey. 

Where have you bought our products from?

With a question like this you’ll find out how and where your customers buy your product or services. You can then work out if your marketing activities align with actual behaviours.

Which other brands, if any, did you consider when shopping for our product?

Through a question like this you’ll find out for sure who your competitors are. And you might even find out about some you hadn’t considered before. 

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate us on the following attributes?

Knowing how consumers rate your brand or service can help you spot opportunities for improvement and growth.

How would you feel if you could no longer use our product?

A question like this can give you valuable insight into how important your product or service is to your customers, how much they value it, and how easily they’d replace you with a competitor.

If you cover themes like these in your brand tracking and consumer research, you’ll be able to offer customers a product and service they really appreciate.

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