Product spotlight: collaborating with your colleagues for better data

In this September's product spotlight, Customer Research Team member Sam talks us through Attest's collaboration features, and how you can work with colleagues to gather the best consumer research for all.

Two heads are definitely better than one. While this applies in most aspects of life, it’s especially important when you’re putting together a survey that could impact lots of teams in your business. Consumer insights are valuable in every corner; your brand tracking metrics – for instance – might impact how your board decides to assign budget, which features the product team prioritise, and which campaigns you run next quarter… so we built a survey platform that lets you work with everyone you need to. You can draft surveys collaboratively, so that you’re answering the right questions, get inspired by other teams’ research, and share important findings with whoever they impact. 

Plus, a second pair of eyes can help you spot your own biases while you’re drafting surveys, correct mistakes, and otherwise optimise them to collect the best quality results.

In this product spotlight, Attest Customer Research Team member Sam gives us a run down of some new and  well-loved collaboration features. She also explains how you can work together to build even better surveys that uncover more impactful insights.

Here are just some of the ways you can collaborate with your colleagues on Attest:

  1. You can see all your colleagues surveys – the ones they’re busy drafting, those that are collecting responses and the results of those that have closed – in the Team Surveys page. Use the survey tags to browse for inspiration, or search by external or internal title to find specific surveys. You can see who created each survey, and if you want to copy it for yourself you can do so at the touch of a button.
  2. Brand new to the platform, you can now comment on your colleagues’ draft surveys. You can leave feedback, point out biases or typos, or just tell them they’re doing a great job! Your Attest Account Manager and the ACE team can also post comments as an objective second set of eyes for you. And make sure you don’t miss a single comment, by being alerted by our new Zapier integration.
  3. Need to work with a colleague without an Attest account? While they can view your surveys (draft, open or closed!) if you’ve toggled External Access on, you can invite them to the team in the Team page so they can comment, browse results, and start creating their own research.
  4. A more holistic view of what your colleagues are working on is available in the Credits page, where you can filter transactions by colleague or time-frame, and export this data to a csv file. 
  5. Then, when you spot interesting demographic insights, you can show your team exactly what you’re looking at by toggling on Filtered demographics, copying and sharing the link with your colleagues. 

There are lots of other survey best practices covered elsewhere on our Consumer Research Academy, and in our Complete Guide to Survey Creation. Explore those next, or get in touch  to discover how you can work with your team on the Attest platform to build quality surveys and share interesting insights.

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