Product spotlight: the Attest audience and reaching target consumers

This month ACE data analyst Kat talks us through Attest's audience capabilities, and the features you can use to target key consumers. Discover our data quality practices and the powerful in-platform targeting features.

While your EPOS and CRM data can shed light on the behaviours, habits and opinions of your customers, Attest will help you reach your growth consumers. Those are the ones just beyond your brand’s current reach. Perhaps you know who they are, or perhaps you need to work it out. Either way, you need to speak to this untapped pool of consumers to allow your brand to grow beyond the consumers you’ve already won. 

This is where Attest’s audience reach can help. With access to 125 million consumers in 59 countries around the world, you can target your growth consumers (or find out who they are!) with a survey or two. 

In this product spotlight, Attest Customer Research Team data analyst, Kat, gives us the lowdown on how the Attest audience works, and explains how easy it is to target the consumers that matter to your brand. 

Here are just some of our audience capabilities:

  1. Attest acts as the central tool for anyone in your team to run research. With 59 countries available to target, your global team can remain connected, with consumer data and insights all in one place. Plus our translation partners can help, so language need never be a barrier to getting insights from your consumers.
  2. Our mixed-methodology approach means our sample is diverse, representative and better quality by nature than the owned panels many other consumer insights tools connect up to. We use a mix of recruitment methods and rewards, and send each survey to multiple sample sources, to make sure we can reach consumers wherever they’re hanging out online.
  3. Data quality doesn’t end with the panels we plug into. We have an automated check for every response we receive so that we can automatically flag and remove responses that are given too quickly, are gibberish or demonstrate that the respondent was unengaged. Checks at both the panel and respondent level mean you can rely on every answer you receive.
  4. With more than 15 demographic profiles available to target in-platform, you can choose exactly who you want to share your survey with. We even tell you how many respondents we can access that match the profiles you select, so you can inform your sample size. These profiles are updated regularly, and our product team just added two new profiles in the US; ethnicity and Hispanic origin.
  5. Once you’ve chosen the profiles you want to target, you can shape the make-up of your survey sample by applying custom quotas. You can use quotas to achieve a representative sample, or weight your sample to suit your research. 
  6. If you’re looking to speak to consumers who behave or think a certain way, which aren’t correlated with their demographics, you can qualify respondents into your survey based on their answers to your single- or multiple-choice questions. Layer qualifying questions on top of your chosen demographic profiles – but be aware that niche targeting will affect the time it takes to fill the survey.

Attest’s audience capabilities are constantly evolving and improving as we add new demographic profiles and reach new markets. All of this allows you to explore new markets and identify your next strategic play. Whether you’re ready to hone in, or are keeping your targeting wide to find the right consumers for you, our mixed-methodology and data quality measures make sure you can rely on every response you get. 

For more information about our audience capabilities, or to find out if we can reach your target consumers, get in touch.

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