Product spotlight: iterative creative testing

In this Product Spotlight, ACE team member Andrada introduces some new - and some much loved - survey features which help you run powerful and iterative creative tests.

Any creative assets you put out into the world represent your brand, product and services to your target target and potential consumers. Whether your advert is designed to increase brand awareness, launch a new product, or drive advocacy of an existing offering, by thoroughly testing and iterating on creatives you can make them work harder, to achieve any (or all) of those goals. Creative testing not only allows you to iterate and optimise a single ad, it can also steer creative direction for the future; improving every advert you create because you understand why they resonate. 

With Attest, creative testing is so easy you can morph your marketing processes into iterative, consumer-led flows from first idea through to finished cut. Your first advert will be optimised for your marketing KPIs, but you’ll also learn lessons you can apply to every future advert, too! 

There are a series of powerful features in Attest that make creative testing so easy you can spend 15 minutes drafting a survey on the platform, and know within an afternoon which advert will resonate and why. In this Product Spotlight, ACE (Attest Customer Expertise) team member Andrada walks us through the features that make creative testing easy. 

What makes creative testing on Attest so simple?

  1. Whatever asset you want to test – copy, static creative, audio or video clips – you can embed them directly into the survey for a seamless respondent experience (which ensures an engaged response). Add creative assets to any question type or text card, or add a series of creative images as the answers in a single or multiple choice question. The flexibility is all yours to present what you want, and ask whatever questions you need, to get bespoke and accurate results for your project and team. 
  2. Randomise questions and question groups for sequential monadic tests that are free from order bias. This methodology also lets you keep the results from all creatives in a single survey and a single results dashboard, without jeopardising the survey by introducing bias. Question groups also make it incredibly easy to build your creative test; create the question group once, then duplicate it for as many assets as you have to show. Randomise between the groups in the card list on the left, and the survey is ready. 
  3. Pipe a selected answer option into follow up questions to drill deeper into respondents’ sentiments. Using piping makes your survey hyper-personalised to each respondent, keeping them engaged throughout and their answer quality high. 
  4. If you opt for monadic creative tests, you can easily ensure a fresh survey sample sees each of your creatives, with no overlap. Use the exclude respondents feature to ensure respondents answer questions on your creatives in isolation, without comparing them. This allows you to ask more questions on each asset, and dig deeper into their likes and dislikes. It’s really easy to set up a monadic creative test, just create the creative test once, then Duplicate & edit, replace the creatives shown, exclude respondents who’ve seen the other surveys, and launch.
  5. While the Attest platform is flexible to whichever creative testing methodology you want to use, and the questions you want to ask, if you’re in need of more guidance we have a ready-made template available. Written by our in-house research experts in the ACE team, the template just needs some basic details about your brand and product, and your creative assets. It’s totally customisable, so you can use it as it is, or tweak it to suit your campaign KPIs. 

However you decide to get started with creative testing at Attest, whether you opt to use and edit our templates, or start from scratch, our team is here to help.

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