Product spotlight: driving up engagement in your surveys

Engaged, thoughtful responses are the lifeblood of genuine insights. If you want data you can count on for your biggest marketing, product and business decisions, you need to trust that that data represents the real opinions of real people. There are lots of features in the Attest platform to keep engagement high, but if you write a survey that bores respondents they’re likely to lose interest and focus, and this will result in less accurate results.

There are steps you can take to guarantee engagement, and a host of features in the Attest product designed to make taking Attest surveys (as well as creating them!) enjoyable. 

In this product spotlight, Attest Customer Research Team member, Sam, sat down to talk us through the survey optimisations available in-product and recommended by her fellow team of research experts. 

In just five minutes Sam covers five ways you can build an engaging survey using Attest and ensure the best possible data quality: 

  1. Each question is limited to 10 answer options to make answering the question easy, and respondents answering on their mobile phone don’t need to scroll to see all their options, which could introduce bias in responses.
  2. Each survey is limited to 23 questions to keep within the average attention span and ensure every question gets the same amount of attention, even those right at the end of the survey.
  3. Use videos to pique the interest of respondents, but videos are limited to three minutes per video, so respondents don’t need to sit through lengthy videos and lose focus.
  4. Scatter text cards throughout your survey to signal how far along the respondents are, thank them for their answers and prepare them for a change in topic. We’ve found that treating your survey like a conversation with your respondents encourages the most honest answers, and text cards are a great way to do this.
  5. Jump into your respondents’ shoes using the preview button, and if you or your colleagues find yourselves disengaged from the survey then you know you need to make adjustments before sending it to your consumers!

There are lots of other survey best practices covered elsewhere in the Attest customer experience section of our blog, and in our complete guide to survey creation. Explore those next, or get in touch with the team to discover how you can use Attest’s in-platform survey optimisations and the expertise of our in-house research pros to create the most engaging surveys.

The complete guide to survey creation

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