Brits can’t wait to be Home Alone to watch TV this Christmas

It’s official, Home Alone is the UK’s favourite Christmas movie - and Brits even have love for Home Alone 3, a film universally panned by critics.

We asked 500 UK consumers to tell us their all-time favourite Christmas film, and Home Alone came out on top, named by 24% of respondents in an open text question (check out the results here). 

Not far behind the antics of Macaulay Culkin, though, is Elf. The 2003 Christmas comedy starring Will Ferrell was named by 20% of Brits as their festive fave. Coming in third place is How the Grinch Stole Christmas (which stars Jim Carrey as a grouchy green creature), but with a much lower 7% of the vote. 

An honorary shout out must also go to the 3% of respondents who named Die Hard as their all-time best Christmas film…  to be fair, nothing says Christmas like dressing a dead man up as Santa and writing “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho” on his shirt, right?

Top three Christmas movies in the UK

  1. Home Alone 
  2. Elf
  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The terrible Christmas films we actually love

While there seems to be a general consensus on the nation’s favourite Christmas movies, according to our research, viewers don’t always agree with critics on what’s a turkey. We presented respondents with a list of films that scored poorly on Rotten Tomatoes and asked them if there were any they secretly liked. 

It turns out that Home Alone 3 is a pretty big hit, despite only having a score of 29% on the film review site. Just under 35% of Brits say they like this movie, which was deemed to be the worst in the Home Alone franchise.

But Home Alone 3 is not actually the most popular ‘bad’ Christmas flick – that title goes to Santa Clause (The Movie). Critics gave the 1985 film featuring Dudley Moore as a toy-making elf, a paltry 20%, yet 39% of Brits say they actually love it. 

Other movies that get people in the festive spirit despite having failed to win over critics include Jingle All the Way (27%) and Deck the Halls (21%). On the other hand, it looks like the reviewers got it right when they slammed Netflix’s The Holiday Calendar, which only 4% of respondents admitted to liking.

Whatever you tune into this Christmas, we hope you enjoy it!

Top three ‘bad’ Christmas movies in the UK

  1. Santa Clause (The Movie)
  2. Home Alone 3
  3. Jingle All the Way

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