Consumer Trends: How to Entice Health-Conscious People to your Brand

Health trends are growing at the speed of kale these days, with hardly a month going by without a new healthy snack brand, previously unheard of food, or failsafe workout technique appearing in our supermarkets and on our newsfeeds. How can you advertise to people buying into these new lifestyles?

The Attest Consumer Trends Reports are in-depth explorations of a predefined consumer group. Consumers who self-identify with the behaviours or demographic categories of this group are surveyed and asked about their market-specific views, and consumer habits more generally. 

The preferred brands, influencers and social media platforms, as well as their priorities when considering and making purchases are all interrogated in a consistent format within each Consumer Trends Report. 

This report includes: 

  • Behaviours and interests of health enthusiasts, specifically their sentiments towards health brands
  • Social media and shopping habits of this consumer group, both within the health market and more widely
  • Market and brand awareness
  • Key takeaways for brands looking to target this unique segment of the market

Top 10 health brands according to health-conscious consumers: 

  1. Holland & Barrett
  2. Fitbit
  3. Nike
  4. Boots
  5. Myprotein
  6. Vitabiotics
  7. Nivea
  8. Bupa
  9. Adidas
  10. NHS

Key Findings: 

The health market is both varied and variable. Health trends sweep the market, coming and going in the blink of an eye; just look at the vilification and acceptance of carbohydrates, will we ever know for certain whether they’re good or bad for us?

‘Health’ clearly means different things to different people, some identify health with sports, the gym and staying physically fit, while some identify it with having the glossiest hair and the dewiest skin.

Much of what ‘health’ means to someone might be found in the characteristics of the celebrities and social media influencers they look up to as being the picture of health. Social media outranks TV for the location in which adverts are most noticeable for the health-conscious consumers, with branded adverts and influencer marketing now commonplace across all social platforms.

The health market seems to be widely assisted by the internet, with health-conscious consumers visiting Google as their first port of call when looking to buy a health product or service.

They’re also a consumer group that’s open to being influenced by both celebrities and those close to them, ranking recommendations as the second most important thing, after quality and durability of products, they consider when looking to make a purchase in this sector.

High Street retailer Holland & Barrett seem to be dominating the health market, perhaps by catering for a number of appetites; those looking for supplements, remedies, free-from foods and beauty products.

But the share of mind in this market is spread between a wide variety of products and services, including health technologies, sports apparel, healthcare providers and more.


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