Consumer trends: how to get the most from your underground advertising (London study)

How do frequent users of the London Underground behave? What are their buying habits and interests? And which brands resonate most with them? Attest's Consumer Index takes an in-depth look at this specific group, to better understand what makes them tick, and how brands can successfully target them.

The Attest consumer trends reports are in-depth explorations of a predefined consumer group. Consumers who self-identify with the behaviours or demographic categories of this group are surveyed and asked about their market-specific views, and consumer habits more generally. 

The preferred brands, influencers and social media platforms, as well as their priorities when considering and making purchases are all interrogated in a consistent format within each Consumer Trends Report. 

This report includes: 

  • Behaviours and interests of London Underground users, specifically their sentiments towards brands who advertise on the tube
  • Social media and shopping habits of this consumer group, across all markets
  • Market and brand awareness
  • Key takeaways for brands looking to target this unique segment of the market

Top 10 brand with the most impressive underground advertisements, according to London Underground users: 

  1. Apple
  2. Nike
  3. Jack Daniel’s
  4. Adidas
  5. Samsung
  6. Virgin
  7. Nutmeg
  8. Just Eat
  9. TfL
  10. Deliveroo

Key findings: 

Whether you’re targeting the bleary-eyed city-workers, or hungover party-animals, all sorts of Londoners and tourists travel by Tube. This presents a truly unique prospect to brands, with thousands of bored eyes looking for an advert to discover or a story to read.

Some brands are successfully sticking in the minds of these travelers; the impressive features of Apple’s latest iPhone, or the rich stories told by Jack Daniel’s, for instance.

Identifying that they’d choose a high quality product over a lower priced alternative, and that quality would encourage them to a new company, brands targeting Tube users should run with this message to capture attention.

These brands should also consider using footballers as influencers, with the four most popular celebrities named all playing the beautiful game, and footballers appearing across several distinct demographic segments. Tube users also prefer to read sports news stories, echoing the appearance of both Nike and Adidas in the top 10 most impressive Tube adverts of recent months.


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