6 Direct-to-consumer Brands disrupting food trends in 2020

Food industry trends are changing in 2020. Learn about six direct-to-consumer food brands shaking things up, from Blue Apron to Soylent.

If trends in the food and beverage industry in 2019 taught us anything, it’s that this sector is experiencing crazy amounts of change. A rise in people concerned about the climate crisis means there’s more emphasis than ever on sustainability, and an increase in veganism means food brands need to diversify their food product development to thrive in a competitive market. More and more, consumers are looking for change – and as the direct-to-consumer (D2C) trend grows, many food brands are jumping on the D2C bandwagon to disrupt food trends in 2020. 

Check out our list of six direct-to-consumer brands kicking butt and disrupting food trends in 2020:

Magic spoon 

Do you ever look back fondly on your childhood days of eating mountains of cereal with no regard for its nutritional value? If you’re a cereal-lover caught in the confines of a sugar-loaded cereal industry, then Magic Spoon is the food brand for you. 

Armed with a high-protein recipe, killer branding, and $5.5mil in funding, this direct-to-consumer food brand is disrupting the cereal market. Magic Spoon has perfected a nutritious cereal that’s designed for adults but as tasty as the ones for kids – minus the sugar overload. Order your cereal direct from their website and, as Magic Spoon put it, “you can have your cereal and eat it too”. 

Blue apron

Our UK future of food & drink report revealed that for 34% of Millennials, not having enough time to cook a good meal is one of their biggest daily challenges. Planning a meal, buying ingredients, prepping, cooking, plating – it adds up to a whole lot of time that many people just don’t have. That’s where direct-to-consumer food brand Blue Apron comes in.

In recent years, meal prep boxes have seen a boom. Blue Apron has made it its mission to develop meal delivery boxes that move us towards a food system that works better for everyone. Fresh ingredients and recipes are delivered directly to your door, freeing up a bit of your day without sacrificing a balanced meal. The brand also champions responsibly-sourced ingredients and claims their perfect portion sizes help to reduce food waste. Blue Apron is shaking up a wasteful food industry, and with sustainability a growing cause for concern amongst people of all ages, they’re onto a winner. 

Perky Jerky

When you think of a healthy snack, jerky probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. With Perky Jerky, that’s changing. It’s disrupting the snack industry with a healthy jerky that’s just as tasty as the unhealthy kind. 

Perky Jerky is made from a recipe that’s handcrafted and full of high-quality ingredients, and it’s this quality that sets it apart. The snack was created by people who love to take adventures and wanted a protein-packed answer to their cravings. It’s proved quite the hit (as they put it, the brand is “rattling the jerky train”). And the Perky Jerky brand doesn’t just offer healthy meat-snacks – it’s also a brand with purpose, donating part of their profits to fund research into muscular dystrophy and Down Syndrome. 


You’ve probably heard of Soylent – and that’s impressive enough on its own. Add the $72.4mil of funding it’s received since its conception, and the disruptive nature of its product, and you’ve got a brand that’s at the forefront of food industry trends. 

Soylent makes ready-to-drink meals that are designed to make mealtimes simpler and more nutritious. The brand believes that nutrition and ease shouldn’t be at odds with one another.  With the belief that “food can be simplified for the better”, full meals are replaced with a drink that’s packed full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Consumer trends in the food industry suggest that more and more people are trying to make their food products sustainable, and Soylent has heard them loud and clear – its meals are made from ingredients that have been genetically modified to be more sustainable. 


Imagine if snacking could boost your cognitive function – it may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi, but it’s what truBrain is making a reality! This direct-to-consumer food brand is disrupting snack trends with its bars created by UCLA neuroscientists. 

truBrain brings an entirely new category of snack to the market. Its flagship product is a snack bar formulated with Nootropics, designed to boost mental output and increase focus. Unlike caffeine, Nootropics work by increasing blood flow to the brain, improving its plasticity and boosting its ability to form new connections. Backed by science, and $1.4mil in funding, it’s snack food with a lot of brainpower.

Candy Club

Assorted candy, delivered to your door – does it get any better?

Candy Club partners with candy producers, from small, artisanal stores to large-scale providers, to provide a pick-and-mix selection in the form of a subscription. If brightly-coloured treats are your thing, then this is the direct-to-consumer food brand for you – you’ll get a sugar hit delivered through your letterbox in a beautiful box every month. 

Candy Club are yet another great example of a brand with purpose. The brand gives back through its partnership with the Birthday Party Project, who throw incredible birthday parties for underprivileged children who would otherwise go without. 

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