• Brand Growth Summit
  • 25 May 2022
  • London

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Make consumer insights the reason your brand wins.

A trailblazing new event solely for brands and the first of its kind to focus exclusively on making consumer understanding a competitive advantage.

  • 25 May 2022 – 9.30am till 6pm
  • Glaziers Hall – London


Enjoy an agenda, curated entirely by brands for brands, where business leaders share their real experiences of growth driven by consumer insight (or failures driven by lack thereof!), as well as the freshest tactics and data-backed trends that you need to know today.





Sam Killip

Director of Customer Research at Attest ⇗


The Squeezed Consumer – How inflation is biting and what it means for brands

Jeremy King

Founder and CEO of Attest ⇗


Spicing up the rule book: Growth lessons learned for category success

Chika Russell

CEO of Chika’s Foods ⇗

The “Chika’s” brand was inspired by a love for food and a desire to do good. After 10 years in banking, Chika Russell made the bold decision to step into the snack market, subsequently leading the African-inspired category for the past 8 years.

With a recent investment to expand into the African market, Chika has plenty of fresh opportunities ahead. But as with any growing brand, there have been challenges along the way. Chika will be sharing her three marketing lessons learned to date, dissecting the importance of your personal brand, facing the insights, and reflecting your true authenticity as a business.


“Something greater”- defining the Moneybox brand promise

Hannah Allen

Brand and Creative Lead at Moneybox ⇗

Moneybox launched their app back in 2016, and made waves with their now famous round-ups feature, which helped thousands of people start investing with just their spare change. But last year the company began to realise just how much their service had transformed from those early beginnings. Moneybox had more products, services, features, and tools than ever before- and a growing community with a wider range of needs and goals. It had become clear that Moneybox was outgrowing its existing mission and brand identity. So, they set out to rework their brand and define a new promise for their customers.




Food for thought: building a tech 4 good movement

Tessa Clarke

Co-founder and CEO at OLIO ⇗

Tessa will share the OLIO journey from a proof of concept via Whatsapp, to a global movement of over 6 million users. She will also share her experience of building a modern sustainability brand combining profit with purpose, and how to harness a community driven model of growth.


Keeping up with shopper trends to enhance the customer experience

Emily Jones

Category & Shopper Strategy Manager at Premier Foods ⇗

With 1 in 3 Britons now following a meat-free or flexitarian diet, one of Premier Foods retailer customers wanted to understand what this meant for their shoppers and what they could do to improve the shopping experience. The Premier Foods Category & Shopper strategy team spoke to their shoppers and understood; their needs and decision-making process, thus making recommendations. This enabled Premier Foods to build a stronger relationship with a key retailer partner.


Why your diversity efforts aren’t inclusive

Charlotte Williams

Founder at SevenSix Agency ⇗

Inclusive marketing is a relatively new term that we’re hearing more and more in the industry, but what actually is it? Charlotte talks us through what inclusive marketing is and how you can authentically grow your customer base by properly marketing to a diverse audience.




Breakout sessions

Peer to peer round tables

  • Food & Beverage
    HFSS and beyond: How has your business approached the new regulations?
  • D2C
    Harnessing the likes. Engaging your consumers through social media.
  • FinTech
    What new Fintech trend do consumers actually care about?

Enjoy this rare opportunity to personally connect with the event speakers and your industry peers, to dissect the research challenges or opportunities impacting your businesses for 2022 and beyond.

Facilitated by Attest’s Customer team, each discussion will involve sharing of real experiences and sentiment – leaving you with a fresh perspective on a very topical challenge to take back to your business.

Doing more with less: research to suit your budget

  • Nick White, Customer Research Principal at Attest
  • Hannah Allen, Brand and Creative Lead at Moneybox
  • Richard Arscott, US Lead at Revolt

As pressures rise to win customers in a post-Covid world and with budgets needing to go further than ever, knowing how to gather the right insights at the right time for your business is essential. In this interactive session, Nick White, Customer Research Principal at Attest will provide key tips to empower your teams to run efficient and effective research that maximises your value for money. From brand tracking to testing creative and from trends to NPD, Nick knows how to get you the answers within your budget.

Nick will then host an interactive Q&A session with marketing leaders from Moneybox and Revolt, so please bring along your burning questions!


Lessons from growing Instacart to >$1.5bn revenue, >10,000 people, across >45,000 Stores

Nilam Ganenthiran

Former President & Chief Business Officer at Instacart ⇗

A fireside chat exploring Instacart’s growth story and the broader explosion of the grocery delivery industry. Nilam shares stories about making tough decisions, navigating forks in the road, and his personal growth story.


Why is Big Tech cancelling gynae health?

Valentina Milanova

Founder at Daye ⇗

How can your brand overcome being cancelled on social media? Valentina Milanova, Founder & CPO discusses the barriers Daye has faced promoting its period products to the masses and how you can embrace your creative side to explore new ways to drive growth when the odds are stacked against you.


Think like a band, not a brand

Tom Rainsford

Marketing Director at Beavertown Brewery ⇗

People do not settle for bad brands or bad business anymore, it’s important to challenge the status quo and evolve accordingly. Tom Rainsford, Marketing Director at Beavertown Brewery dissects how by keeping their disruptive edge, being creatively distinctive, and inviting intrigue the brand has created fans, not customers.


Closing comments

Sam Killip

Director of Customer Research at Attest ⇗


Drinks, nibbles and networking