How to Apply Lockdown Research to Your Business Strategy

12 Aug 2020 Webinar

Your Presenter:

Elliot Barnard

Client Experience Executive – ACE


With consumer research, you’re often looking to understand people’s attitudes and understand people’s behaviour.

Attitudes are learned tendencies, and are often difficult or slow to change. Behaviours, on the other hand, have the capacity to change rapidly based on what’s going on around us. 

As we slowly emerge from a global pandemic, how are you and your business approaching it? If COVID-19 has influenced our attitudes and caused them to do a 180, should you be pivoting?

Join Attest ACE’r Elliot Barnard, a skilled researcher and analyst, as he takes you through how to approach this. He’ll:

  • Look at the psychology of attitudes and behaviours both in and out of a global pandemic
  • Analyse which aspects of research, (like your key brand health metrics) might stabilise, and which will continue to change over the next few months
  • Identify ways to use your COVID-19 research for long-term planning, helping you isolate what needs to be closely monitored in order to make the right decisions

Join us LIVE to see if the age-old saying “it’s much easier to change what you do than what you feel” is true, and how you can use data in your marketing strategy going forwards. 


If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Aug 2020

3 pm BST