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Be one of the 5% of product launches that succeed

The most successful launches are those that incorporate the needs of your customer from the start. That’s where always-on, iterative consumer research comes in.

Launch products successfully

Take the risk out of launching new products with data that you can trust. Speak to your potential target audience to understand which ideas resonate most with them, whether that’s a new product idea, marketing message or price point.

How it works

Attest is redefining consumer research. With our intuitive survey builder platform and results dashboard we provide confidence for every decision with the right insight, at the right time.

Reach your target audience

We give customers access to 110 million people in 49 countries, with demographics and qualifiers layered on top. No audience is out of reach.

Have trust in the data

We have three layers of data quality controls in place so you can believe in your results and make impactful choices.

Easy to use
Results delivered at speed

Get responses back in days, not weeks, and a beautiful visualisation of results, for clarity and confidence in every decision.

We help build brands

Use Attest to inform every intuition, dissolve any doubt and grow without guesswork. This is how our clients use consumer data to succesfully launch new products.

Save 10x on development costs using iterative testing like Organic Valley

PensionBee used data to validate customer opinions and develop a new ethical product

DRY increased revenue by 170% with data-based new product development

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Ask your target customers anything you want, up to 5 questions total!

Reach people in the US or UK — a taste of the 49 countries we have available.

Easily analyse results in platform, and download to share with your team.

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