Scalable Intelligence

Scalable Intelligence is to consumer insight what Netflix is to consumer entertainment.

Highly tailored and responsive to your exact needs and circumstances. Flexible. On-demand. Always improving.

It fits like a glove.

Only instead of offering a weekend of binge-watching for some, and 30 minute documentaries to others, Attest’s Scalable Intelligence platform delivers consumer insight, available all day, every day, personalised to you.

It’s always there when you need real consumer data for decision making, but won’t overwhelm you with too much information.

How does this change things?

Before Scalable Intelligence you either had to go big, or not at all.

There’s always been the option of working with an agency to learn about a specific thing at a particular moment in time. There are pros to this; you feel confident in the results, they take the burden off you, and nobody ever got fired for hiring an agency.

However it’s also expensive, complicated and slow. How often can you work with an agency? Once a year? Maybe twice? How many day-to-day questions go unanswered, and how many decisions are made without real facts?

It’s the antithesis to scalable, or intelligent decision making.

Today’s businesses and consumer markets demand a more agile, data-driven approach; one where anyone can get the consumer intelligence they need to make evidence-based decisions quickly, with confidence.

With Scalable Intelligence you can immediately generate all of the consumer insight you need, but not so much that you’re left unable to do anything about it.

Fits your workflow and situation

But you’re busy, so taking on research yourself might feel daunting. What if you ask the wrong questions, or in the wrong order? How do you analyse the results or ensure statistical significance?

Whether you’re totally new to consumer insight and need help drafting questions and analysing the results for actionable insights, or you’re a research veteran looking for a more intuitive and powerful way to take control and achieve more in less time - Attest is here to help.

Our approach to consumer insight is powered by technology, delivered with a human touch.

This way you can make many more decisions backed up by real consumer data, as fast and often as you need, without adding overhead to your day.

Attest’s Scalable Intelligence platform offers the power to know.

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The power to know.