Want to solve your insights challenges??

Want to solve your insights challenges??

Moving away from agencies and taking a more hands-on approach to research can feel difficult, but for those brands that do, the rewards can be huge. In this guide, we look at how brands including Organic Valley, World Remit and PensionBee have powered-up their insights departments by working with Attest.

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What’s inside?

  • How Organic Valley solved the problem of ‘too many projects, not enough people’
  • How PensionBee sped up the time to insights and prospered as a result
  • How WorldRemit went from having no research to being able to preempt stakeholder needs
  • How C Space is able to offer added value to clients thanks to forming the perfect tech partnership

We know that insights departments are facing challenges. With budgets shrinking and headcounts going down (while expectations for delivering business value grow), it’s clear that you need to be able to do more for less. 

Taking consumer research in-house offers a way to do this, not only enabling you to make large savings when compared with outsourcing projects but also getting you much closer to your consumers – something that can open up all sorts of new opportunities. The truth is, while some larger projects benefit from the agency model, the majority don’t need it. 

We spoke to six of our insights customers from across a range of sectors (including F&B, beauty, fintech, agency and charity), looking at the challenges they’ve solved by going self-serve with Attest and the impact it’s had on their business. 

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The challenge: The slow speed of time to insights

Thanks to integrating Attest, when PensionBee started receiving calls from customers who wanted to exclude oil companies from their investments, they could immediately start investigating if there had been a shift in consumer attitudes.

Attest helps us to harness insight quickly and easily to drive evidence-based decision making.

The challenge: Too many projects not enough people

Organic Valley received a high number of requests for shopper insights that he wasn’t able to delegate to others. He wanted to find a self-serve tool simple enough for his team to use out-of-the-box so he wouldn’t have to spend time training them. Because Attest is so intuitive, people within the organisation have been empowered to conduct their own research.

I think the key thing here is the democratisation; it’s not entirely on me as an insights director.

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