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Market Insight is like having a crystal ball for shedding light on the changes happening in your industry or sector, in real time.


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What is Market Insight intelligence?


Market Insight is like having a crystal ball for shedding light on the changes happening in your industry or sector, in real time.

‘A market’ is made up of consumers, competitors, macro trends (such as the economy, politics), where everything impacts every other element - and of course your own activities play a crucial role in shaping or reshaping the dynamics too.


Why is Market Insight Intelligence important?


That ‘change is the only constant’ may be a truism in today’s business world, but it doesn’t make it any less important to recognise that fact.

Consumer trends and motivations shift constantly, new competitors launch all the time, while existing competitors will always been in the midst of brand updates, marketing campaigns and product or feature updates. How do you know which of these changes are important? Which ones are worth reacting to, and which you can comfortably ignore?

Having a concrete answer to these business critical questions is why Market Insight is so important.


When do you need Market Insight Intelligence?


Many businesses try and run some kind of market insight programme on an annual or bi-annual basis, ahead of major strategic reviews. This is too slow, and not fit for purpose in a world of agile business practices and fast-moving markets.

You need real time Market Insight, available at the tips of your fingers, every day of the year. Don’t wait months or years...little and often will keep you abreast of shifts in the market, and give you a competitive edge.


Where should you use Market Insight Intelligence?


Market Insights can be used across an organisation, from strategy and pricing to design and product development, sales and marketing to innovation and customer experience. It shouldn’t be owned by one team, but be available to everyone to use as-and-when needed. This is a gift that everyone should have.


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Attest are leaders in providing real time market insights to organisations of every shape and size, across many different sectors. We’ve helped businesses to reposition their brand and messaging, develop new products, update packing, redesign creative campaigns and increase profits from updated pricing - all from using our market intelligence and insights.


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Build your survey in minutes

Attest is so flexible you can test practically anything you like. Find out what your market thinks about your product or service, validate your ideas and win pitches.

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Select your exact audience

No more 'hit and hope'. Attest’s high precision filters let you build custom audiences and target the exact demographics and quotas you need.

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Our audience of thousands of people is highly engaged,
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People can answer confidently and honestly and are always in control of their data. We’re also an MRS partner and have been nominated for two awards this year.

Super Consistent

We’re scientists, passionate about rigour. Attest automatically controls for bias by randomising answer orders and using a consistent format.

7 minute magic

We keep our question and survey sets below 7 minutes to maintain higher levels of engagement, and capture better quality responses.

Rock Solid Security

Attest uses state of the art, multi-layered encryption to ensure that data is transferred and stored securely.

User Feedback

"Loving sharing my opinions and feedback.
Beautiful experience and really easy to use."

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Watch responses flood in over 10x faster than traditional methods. Attest’s average turnaround is 1000 responses in 24 hours. We’ve seen it perform much faster.

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Analyse the data on the fly with our built-in tools

Analyse, share and download insights with our powerful tools. Filter by demographic and uncover hidden insights. You can even see how specific people answer different questions across a survey.

Analyse the data on the fly with our built-in tools

The power to know.