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A Jobs to be Done survey allows you to fully understand what consumers are trying to achieve by purchasing products or services in your market, as well as their priorities in deciding which product in the market best fulfils their needs.


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What is a 'jobs to be done' survey?

It answers questions such as: what challenge does your product help consumers overcome? What are consumers’ top priorities when choosing a product to help them overcome this problem? How could your product help consumers overcome this challenge more efficiently? How would consumers describe your product in their own terms and key search engine terms commonly used to find your product. A good Jobs to be Done survey should:

  • Stop you guessing how consumers actually use your product or service in their private lives
  • Highlight areas for improvement in matching product features to use
  • Rank the priorities of consumers looking for a product in your market
  • Indicate the language your consumers use when discussing your brand
  • Quantify how your product fairs in resolving the needs of consumers compared to competitors
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Why is understanding the 'jobs to be done' important?

You may feel you know how consumers use your product or service in their day to day life. But you’d be amazed how often consumers are putting simple products to alternative uses that brands are unaware of, and therefore unable to capitalise on.

A Jobs to be Done survey reveals how consumers interact with products in your specific market, as well as the real-world challenges these consumers purchase these products to resolve.

A Jobs to be Done survey reveals both quantitative and qualitative data to give you a full picture view of your consumers and allows you to market your product to the right people and as the right solution to their challenges.

When do you need to understand 'jobs to be done'?

The job that consumers buy your product to help them complete is influenced by all manner of factors outside of your control. In January a chocolate bar might be a decadent weekly treat, and in October it’s a store-cupboard staple for visiting ‘trick or treaters’.

It’s important to run Jobs to be Done surveys regularly to understand the shifting priorities within consumers’ everyday lives, so that you can effectively market your product to fulfil these changing needs.

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Where should you use the 'jobs to be done'?

Jobs to be Done is a marketing concept, so these surveys usually most effectively assist the marketing team. We also see a home for Jobs to be Done in the product development team, as these insights can reveal the missing features consumers need in order to complete their everyday tasks.

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