Consumer research made simple

Attest is more than just a survey tool. We provide you with the evidence needed to minimise risk, increase decision-making confidence, and grow without guesswork.

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Connect with your target audience

Access 110 million people across 49 countries and use our filters and quotas to make it as niche as you need.

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Set up your survey in minutes

Our intuitive platform makes it easy, with guidance from templates or our in-house experts.

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Receive quick and quality data

Collect data you can trust, at the speed you need with 3 layers of quality measures.

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Turn results into insights

Our interactive dashboard is a bit like magic – answers rise to the surface as you interact with the data and demographics.

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Smart features, simple outcomes

As well as quick and simple survey building, our interactive dashboard shows results that are insightful and impactful.

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Tracker surveys


Send a survey multiple times to your target audience, and compare the results with Trends to see changes over time.

Answer quotas


Have greater control over your survey sample with quotas based on multiple qualifying answers.

Statistical significance calculator


Compare two groups (e.g. cat lovers v dog lovers) to see if there’s a significant difference in their responses.

Have trust in the data

We have three layers of data quality controls in place so you can believe in your results and make impactful choices.

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110 million people across 49 countries.

Our multi-panel approach to sampling gives you access to a broader range of consumer profiles than single recruitment and reward methods.

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Expert assistance when you need it

Whether you are a research pro, a complete novice or know what you want just not how to get there – we’re here to help.

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See how you can use data to make great decisions.