A Survey Platform for Fashion Marketers

We work with ambitious fashion brands – like GymShark and Farfetch – to help them understand their consumers and spot new opportunities.

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On-Demand Research For Fast-Paced Marketers

Uncover new opportunities

You might know what your existing customers want from your brand or products, but what about your net new customers? Set up a survey in as little as 90 seconds to find out.

Consumer behaviour, perceptions, and propensity to buy shift more quickly than ever before. Do regular research to stay on top of your sector.

Test creative concepts quickly

Check-in with your target audience as you develop creative and messaging to go-to-market with. If you don’t test and iterate, you’ll be flying blind.

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‘Jobs to be Done’ Template

Use this template to measure the specific jobs that people need done by your brand.

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Consumer Profiling Template

Use this template to get under the skin of your current and future customers.

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Templates to get you started

Get your next survey live in a few quick clicks.

  • Designed by experts Our team of in-house researchers (ACE) have used their years of insights expertise to craft these templates.
  • Support on-demand Help is available via our live chat, if you ever need guidance while you customise your surveys.

Understand Consumers in Minutes

Attest’s data gives us focus. There are so many opportunities, and your most precious resource becomes where you spend your time. With focus we can work on the business rather than working in the business – now we know what our top priorities are.

Jamie Swango, The Craftory


New Opportunities in a Saturated Market

“We used Attest to make huge decisions about how we’re going to make the right products for our audience. It’s been irreplaceable, the kind of data we’ve had access to”.

Leila D’Angelo, Head of Brand

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