Who's answering my surveys?

You can choose whether to send your surveys to our audience, or generate a link to send to your own mailing list. Our community is highly engaged, anonymous, extremely responsive and spans a full range of ages, locations and interests.

Can I choose when my surveys run?

Absolutely. You can set the exact date and time that you'd like your research to run. You can also save draft versions, so you can show the survey to colleagues and clients before sending it out.

How long should my surveys be?

We recommend staying within our golden 7 minute limit. We've found engagement rate is highest for surveys that take under 7 minutes, so we let you run a maximum of 20 questions in any one survey.

How much does it cost?

45p per response and we don't charge extra for demographic targeting. You can top up your prepay wallet, or pay by card at checkout. Screen specific demographics into your survey by asking an opt-in question. You only pay for those who successfully qualify, not those that are screened out.

How quickly will I see results?

A standard 250 response survey will usually complete within a few hours. A larger, highly targeted survey typically takes a day or so, although we've seen Attest complete even faster. Learn more about How it Works.

How can I analyse my results?

We've packed the platform with easy-to-use tools to dig down deep into your results. You can do everything from cross-tabbing, filter by over 40 demographics, or if you'd prefer, simply export all the raw data to Excel.

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