Who's answering my surveys?

You can choose whether to send your surveys to our audience, or generate a link to send to your own range of contacts. Our community is highly engaged, anonymous, extremely responsive and spans a full range of ages, locations and interests.

Can I choose when my survey runs?

Absolutely. You can set the exact date and time that you'd like your research to run. You can also save draft versions, so you can show the survey to colleagues and clients before sending it out.

How long can my survey be?

Say hello to 7 minute magic. We’ve found that engagement is highest for surveys that take under 7 minutes, so we create people-friendly limits to 23 questions in any one interaction.

How much does it cost?

We’ve worked with hundreds of consumer businesses, from household names to challenger brands. So we’ve developed a flexible way of working that suits almost every budget and commercial need. Take a look at our price plans for full details. 

How quickly will I see results?

A standard 1,000 response survey will usually complete within a few hours. A larger, highly targeted survey typically takes a day or so, although we've seen Attest complete even faster. Learn more about How it Works.

How can I analyse my results?

We’ve packed the platform with powerful yet easy-to-use tools, so you can ditch excel, dig deeper and explore results like a champion. You can do complex things in just a couple of clicks, like cross-tabbing, filtering combinations of demographics and sharing results, to uncover insights within.

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How do you reach audiences? + -

We build highly engaged, quality audiences by focusing on 4 core motivations: Contribution, Knowledge, Rewards and Power, and using a range of targeted digital channels, referrals and partnerships. This allows us to reach more affluent consumers and a broader, more representative panel of people. To keep our response rates fast and reliable, we also invest time in getting to know our audience, creating a transparent relationship, and building trust. This means you can use Attest to reach whatever audiences you need, whenever you need to, and get results you can rely on for making decisions and uncovering unique insights.

How do you motivate or incentivise people? + -

We believe that there are many diverse reasons people participate in research, so we cater to each of them. This keeps engagement high and increases the diversity of people Attest can reach, ultimately delivering great results and removing bias. The dark secret of the industry is that most research comes from the same types of people, for the same reasons. This creates a one-dimensional view of consumers and leads to bias.

We do things differently. By building around the following four emotions, we're crafting the user experience to appeal to a great diversity of people, motivated to provide higher quality responses.

  • Contribution - We playback the outcomes from the research, so you can see what happened and what you helped create. For example: "Your feedback and guidance helped Epic Hostels win new investment," and "Remember that Fever Tree tonic campaign you helped build... that's now real, and here's a picture of it in Clapham Junction station!".

  • Learning - See your results in the context of others, to learn something new and share socially. Buzzfeed does this very well. This is also a great mechanism for organic growth. For example, "Did you know that the most in-demand summer party emergency delivery item is barbecue charcoal for women over 35 across the UK? Except in London where it's... Pimms! Unsurprisingly, men just want cool beer."

  • Rewards - You give Google your location data, and you get Google Maps for free. It's a fair deal, so we build a similar mechanic for users motivated by rewards, and an exchange in value. We build this using behavioural economics theory, to create stable rewards, variable rewards, and personal goals you pick. We currently build this around real cash, so it's very clear what value you're receiving (tangible rewards, not "chance to win an iPad"). Rewards work best with under 30s, and it's interesting that other groups often don't use the rewards if we offer them.

  • Power - Feeling valuable, so we show you how your input is important and the significance of your decisions. That feeling you have when a restaurant is terrible, and you want them to ask you why... because you know why, because you're awesome. We make you feel powerful, by making research empowering. For instance, "The CMO of the client in this research thought your idea was in the top 10, excellent input, and sends a personal thank you".

What are the problems you’re solving, and how you solve them? + -
  • 1. Companies want to use research 10x more: Organisations want the ability to test and iterate ideas in real-time, with high precision and instant credibility. To do this, they need efficient setup and execution, and to receive results in hours not weeks, with simple-yet-powerful tools to explore and share insights. It's really hard to do this all on one place, but that's exactly what we're doing at Attest. It gives companies new powers to make consumer driven decisions with confidence, anytime they need to. Clients seem to really enjoy running research with no limitations. We call this agile insights.

  • 2. 99% of people don't participate in research:This means traditional market research relies on a very narrow demographic that are receptive to the old way of doing things. We’re expanding research to the 99% by making it convenient, secure, bite-size, entirely anonymous and transparent. We adapt to consumer’s four motivations for engaging with research: contributing, learning, rewarding and feeling valuable. This allows Attest to reach more valuable, diverse audiences, delivering high-quality, natural and super-engaging research at high-speed.

Who are your competitors? What makes you different? + -

95% of UK businesses have never had access to robust, trustworthy and bespoke market research before, because the complexity, expense and slow turnaround times were prohibitive. This leaves a wide-open market where no competitors currently operate. Attest exists to help every business enjoy the benefits of market research thanks to the speed, simplicity, flexibility and affordability of our platform. We're here so you can put customers at the heart of every decision, without limitation. What makes us different is that Attest provides decision makers with on-demand access to quality consumer insights in hours, not weeks. Our unique approach to market research lets us provide higher quality data, at a larger scale, that is affordable for any business. Powerful, intuitive analytical tools also make the interpretation part of research much easier, empowering anyone to explore data like an expert.

How does Attest protect the integrity of my data? + -

We actively monitor the data we collect and continuously monitor and prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. We actively vet our audience through direct correspondence to ensure they're answering attentively and honestly.

What channels do you use to reach people? + -

All our channels are digital. Our approach centres around a pull rather than a push, so people arrive naturally whenever they have spare time. It's just a much more natural way to run research, so it doesn't feel like work for people. By building interfaces around mobile that work equally well on desktop and tablet, we can help you reach busy and affluent people by making the user experience simple, bite-sized and contextual.

Why do you use mobile? + -

We target the short time slots that are the only real chances to reach busy people: coffee queues, cab rides, waiting for a meeting, commuting, etc. We live by the principle of '7 minute magic', that's when attention starts to drop-off. To maintain high quality data, we're making it impossible for companies to create research that doesn't work well for people or doesn't work on mobile.

We also clearly show people what research is available and how long it takes. We see >85% of responses by mobile and in peaks at specific times of day, so we continuously built the entire company around creating an excellent user experience, that can attract and retain valuable input from real people. We believe building market research around people is how it should have worked all along.

How do you alert audiences? + -

We don't really alert people as such, we simply motivate them to check-in regularly and see if new things are available. We make sure every single interaction is friendly, and pressure-free. Occasionally we use mobile push notifications (some people proactively ask for this), but never via email or SMS. This way they see a very clear presentation of the things they can do and nothing else, always being ultra-transparent and time-efficient. We've seen remarkably high rates of organic re-engagement without the need for alerting anyone.

Do you have any real customer examples? + -

Yes. Attest has helped many clients spanning different verticals. Here are just a few examples.

  • Product innovation — Businesses including Deliveroo and Unilever use Attest to innovate their product offerings by asking specific target markets for feedback. “Attest helps us make important decisions based on facts more frequently.” - Head of Sales at Deliveroo.

  • Market insights — Businesses including M&C Saatchi and Epic Hostels use Attest to gain market insights that lead to client wins and funding. “We’ve been impressed by both the consistently high quality of results and quick turnaround times.” - Head of Commercial Consumer Insight, LIDA (M&C Saatchi Group).

  • Creative development — Businesses including Nutmeg and Fever Tree use Attest to develop stronger creatives that really resonate with their target market. “Takes the stress, time and cost out of consumer research.” - Strategy Manager at Fever Tree.

  • Brand and campaign tracking — Businesses including Treatwell and JustGiving use Attest to track brand perception and the impact of their campaigns. “Attest data is key to unlocking richer understanding of our different consumers.” - Global Brand Director, Treatwell.

How do you make money? + -

We simply charge a flat cost per survey. It's always the same, irrespective of detail, complexity or target audiences. It means that you can run any research, build a custom target audience in real time, and receive responses from hundreds to thousands of precisely targeted people in just a few hours. Plus a truckload of detail and analytical power built-in, every time.

This lets you explore and learn more, putting consumers at the heart of all your decision making, and extends the power to use evidence-based research to your whole team.

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