How Clim8 Invest increased ad engagement by 42%

Creative testing has helped Clim8 Invest to connect with their audience on a more human level

Creative testing
London, UK
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Climate impact investment app Clim8 Invest were about to launch their first video ad. They had two ideas for the creative but weren’t sure which would resonate best with their target audience. They also wanted to be sure that the message of their ad would be properly conveyed. 

Of the two ads that we were testing, one route was very expected, showing wind turbines and electric cars and what the future looks like. The other one was warm and human. It was about this feeling of doing something great without practically mentioning climate change or these solutions.

Ilona Sediha, Marketing Lead at Clim8 Invest


Clim8 ran a survey to their target consumers (slightly older and wealthier individuals than the national average) with the rough draft videos embedded for respondents to view. They found that the emotion-led ad was significantly more popular than the practical, future-gazing one. This was illuminating because they had previously always defaulted to showing people what the future looks like. 

They understood that we were investing in solutions to climate change without actually showing them. In fact, without even saying it, they just felt it.

By including open text questions asking respondents to explain what they thought Clim8 did, as well as ways they could improve their ad, they received very specific feedback, including swapping a big dog for a small one!

One thing they said was, do you wanna try a different dog? We actually did in the end because if 15 people tell you it’s the wrong breed of the dog, you can’t ignore it.


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The creative testing Clim8 did with Attest didn’t just help them pick the right video ad to run with, it actually changed their entire approach to marketing. They have since updated their other digital formats (which previously depicted wind turbines and other stereotypical climate innovation) and seen a higher clickthrough rate.

It really helped us improve our positioning. So we now feel and look very different to some other sustainable investment providers who still talk about electric mobility and all the technical things. Whereas we say, let other people do this education and let’s use advertising to give people hope.

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