Bella and Duke set goals for achieving £25m annual sales growth

Bella & Duke used brand tracking to establish OKRs and a base line of brand awareness measurement ahead of a brand evolution.

Brand tracking
Fife, Scotland
200-500 employees


With a database of 140,000 customers, Bella & Duke is already the UK’s leading pet food subscription company. But to help reach ambitious growth targets – growing annual sales from £25 million to £50 million – they planned a brand evolution.

Prior to the rebrand, Bella & Duke needed to find out how consumers recognised and perceived their brand currently. Otherwise they would have no way to measure the impact of the project.

We needed to be able to show some real numbers because without that, brand can be considered a very high level and intangible metric that a lot of people just can’t get behind.

Deborah Lang, Head of Brand Service & PR, Bella & Duke


The first wave of Bella & Duke’s quarterly brand tracker provided benchmark figures around things like unprompted and prompted awareness, consumers at consideration and purchase phase, and net promoter score. Meanwhile, respondents familiar with the brand were asked questions about what brand attributes they associated with Bella & Duke, with some encouraging results…

We were showing more familiarity with elements that we wanted to be familiar for. Whereas with some of our competitors there were no key statements that pulled out.


Bella & Duke are still in the process of rolling out their rebrand but as new elements are released, they’re able to see how they affect consumer perception.

Statement association helps us see that we’re growing in the areas that we want to, and not suddenly going down the path of, for example, ‘Bella & Duke are cheap and cheerful’.

The brand tracker has also helped them understand how their branding is resonating with different customer segments.

One of the biggest surprises was discovering that there was awareness amongst personas that we maybe didn’t want or need to be targeting. What that insight has led to is a more careful look at how we truly target exactly the right people.

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