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“The food you love, delivered to your door” meets “one of Britain’s favourite restaurants”. A match made in heaven, and a recipe for success? Deliveroo wanted to find out with Attest.

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Deliveroo came to Attest to figure out whether one of Britain’s favourite family restaurants (we’ll call them Vesuvio’s) would be a good fit as a restaurant quality delivery partner for Deliveroo. In particular:

  • Would Vesuvio’s be a good fit for Deliveroo, and Deliveroo’s existing / target customers?
  • Which Vesuvio’s menu items would be most popular and eligible for delivery?
  • Across Deliveroo’s customers, precisely who loves Vesuvio’s the most, and why?

Deliveroo needed facts and insight to resolve the debate. It’s difficult to find customised answers to these questions quickly, from carefully-tailored audiences that match Deliveroo’s affluent and young customer base.


Deliveroo quickly came up with 12 questions, designed to resolve each issue in combination, targeted to exactly the demographic groups Deliveroo value highest and care about most, and ran some detailed research that needed high-quality engagement.

A few questions were particularly powerful, for example making a real-world choice to “pick one” item from a range, that is “most suitable for home delivery”. Clever stuff! By asking respondents to make a real world choice - rather than speculate about future actions, Deliveroo gained a clear read of real delivery demand for Vesuvio's most iconic and popular items.


Based on newly-found confidence gained through these new insights, Deliveroo now deliver Vesuvio’s food to many happy customers. Great news all-round. We can't share the full results – confidentiality is paramount at Attest – but Deliveroo are happy to share these two choice insights:

Overwhelming brand love

Even though it may not have the biggest mains or the most exotic starters, there’s just something people love about Vesuvio’s. Large groups of customers stood out as identifying closely with Vesuvio’s, who are in delivery-eligible areas, and already represent a clear target market for the Deliveroo/Vesuvio’s product.

Niche is in demand

A few of the more unique Vesuvio’s menu items proved to be surprisingly in demand, well beyond Vesuvio’s fans. One shrimp dish in particular drew a very emotional, unexpectedly positive response. These are now popular Deliveroo menu additions.

But that wasn't all

As often happens with great research, the results revealed far more than the initial questions had set out to uncover. A significant number of respondents mentioned – unprompted - that they’d love to see Deliveroo work with another popular restaurant group – surprisingly, one already available through Deliveroo. Deliveroo explored precisely where in real-time, to react immediately.

By quickly cross-checking which locations were driving this result through Attest’s results analytics tools, Deliveroo discovered where and how to focus marketing efforts to resolve this surprising additional result. Powerful insights in action, made simple, fast & efficient, immediately actionable and constantly uncovering new ideas.

The Verdict

"Very clear results, with the built-in ability to analyse within insights – really testing what’s driving results, and exploring for new ideas. Attest helps us make important decisions based on facts more frequently, to iterate and explore quickly. Fantastic."

Nick Green

Head of Sales @ Deliveroo

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