For our next ‘Attest On-Air’ webinar, at 10am on 8th November, we’ll be talking about Breakout Brands: the Ones to Watch in 2019. To help us discuss this topic we’ll be joined live by:

  • Damien Lane (Partner, Episode 1 Ventures)
  • Meriwether Beckwith (Investor, Oxford Capital)
  • Daisy Stapley-Bunten (Founder and Editor, Startups Magazine)

Our amazing panellists will be answering the big questions, including:

  • What does it take to become a break-out consumer brand?
  • What do leading investors look for when spotting the next big thing?
  • Which sectors are heating up and likely to give birth to the next unicorn brand?
  • How can your brand stand out and get ahead in 2019?

If you work for (or founded!) a consumer brand with big ambitions, this is a must attend session that will help guide you to greater success in 2019.

This webinar will be live on 8th November 2018 from 10-11AM.

To sign up, fill out on the form on the right, but don't leave it too long as slots are filling up fast.


About Daisy

Daisy Stapley-Bunten, Editor and Founder of Startups Magazine, launched the digital and print publication in April 2018, within Electronic Specifier, Europe’s premier publisher of information resources to the Global Electronics Industry. Startups Magazine champions tech startups, and offers insights and advice about the startup landscape.

About Meriwether

Meri is on the investment team at Oxford Capital, where he is responsible for leading new investments, and supporting companies in the portfolio. He is particularly focused on digital health, and consumer oriented businesses, but above all looks to back ambitious teams tackling huge societal or commercial problems.

Meri is the investment lead on Attest, and involved with Push Doctor, Moneybox, Outplay and Oxford BioTherapeutics in the OC portfolio. He previously gained experience in venture capital with Geneva based firm Endeavour Vision. When not looking for the next big thing, you can find him listening to music, or cooking (read: making a mess) in his kitchen.

About Damien

Damien has spent the last 20 years investing in private companies, both in Private Equity where he was a partner with Electra Partners, then at Octopus Ventures where he was a senior member of the investment team.

Having made a number of angel investments, Damien co-founded Episode 1 with Simon and Adrian in 2012. While at Episode 1, Damien has led investments in Carwow, Scurri, Touch Surgery, Attest and Zipcube and loves working with early stage teams of entrepreneurs; helping them develop their early stage startup into a fast growth enterprises capable of raising more funding from later stage investors.

When he is not trying to help businesses to implement an optimal approach to growth, Damien can mostly be found running around Hampstead Heath or the Coastal paths of Great Britain. Having trained obsessively to run a 2:52 Marathon in 2015, he is now trying to dip below 2:50, in the spirit of continuous improvement. Damien has an MBA from Cambridge University and a Masters degree in PPE from Oxford University.