• Brand Growth Summit
  • 25 May 2023
  • London

BrandGrowthSummit Growth BrandSummit Summit 25 05 23

Make guesswork illegal in 2023

Learn how to make consumer understanding your competitive advantage, so you can turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Join this data-driven hub of inspiration for practical research tips, the latest thinking on consumer behaviour and everything in between. Absorb how great data, insights and certainty can send your brand skyward this year!

  • 25 May 2023 – 9am till 5.30pm
  • Glaziers Hall – London



Our full-day session taps into the minds of top marketing and insights changemakers. We’ve cherry-picked business leaders from across the industry to share their honest, practical experiences of insight-driven growth – expect the good, the bad and the ugly!

They’ll also reveal tactics using consumer data to unpick the day-to-day challenges you’re facing, crack the code on the needs of your existing and future customers, and dissect key trends to fuel your decision-making.

Timo Boldt

CEO and Founder at Gousto ⇗

Charlotte Langley

Chief Customer Officer at Bloom & Wild ⇗

Rachel Carrell

CEO at KoruKids ⇗

Ros Godber

Head of Marketing at Jamie Oliver Group ⇗

Jeremy King

Founder and CEO of Attest ⇗

Sam Killip

VP of Customer Success at Attest ⇗

More to be revealed…


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