10 Important Stats from the 2018 Media Consumption Report

In 2017 we ran our first Media Consumption Report, and in July we ran an updated report for 2018. Drawing direct comparisons from 2017 we’ve been able to establish the most important shifts within UK ...
5 minute read

100 Great Survey Questions for Every Kind of Consumer Insight

Writing great survey questions is probably the most important step when running a consumer insights project.
10 minute read

The Competitor Intelligence Survey Template

It’s a fact of life that no brand exists in a vacuum. Our economy, by its nature, includes competitive markets, some more saturated than others, but all with multiple players operating.
5 minute read

The Brand Tracker Survey Template

 If a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if a new product is launched, but the brand doesn’t resonate with consumers, does anybody notice it?
4 minute read

From Gen Z to Boomers: An In-Depth Understanding of Generational Attitudes, Beliefs & Behaviours

Stereotypes tend to be borne from lazy thinking, and evolve like Chinese whispers.
2 minute read

Social Media is a Terrible Way to Measure Your Brand

You might not have noticed, but the lights just went out.
5 minute read

The Jobs To Be Done Survey Template

Need a Jobs To Be Done survey template to help you figure out exactly why consumers buy products or services in your category? We’ve got you covered.
3 minute read

Understanding Online Customer Journeys 

If your customers access your brand online rather than in a shop, gathering data on their journeys is even easier than for primarily offline businesses. Websites offer a wealth of data just waiting ...
6 minute read

A Pricing Survey Template for Optimal Profits

Need a pricing survey template to help you optimise revenues and profit? We’ve got you covered.
3 minute read

Millennial Media Habits

There are a lot of assumptions around Millennials and the media.
3 minute read
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