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From Gen Z to Boomers: An In-Depth Understanding of Generational Attitudes, Beliefs & Behaviours

November 06, 2017

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Stereotypes tend to be borne from lazy thinking, and evolve like Chinese whispers.

This is why stereotypes often bear very little resemblance to reality, even if there is some kernel of truth buried in there.

Generational stereotypes are a perfect example of this.

“Boomers are out of touch & disinterested in learning new things.”

“Gen X are cynical and make for poor team members.”

“Gen Y are entitled and lazy dreamers.”

“Gen Z are digital native collaborators who just want to change the world.”



But these easy to apply, fuzzily understood labels are easy to flash around and sound good in presentations and press releases.

“We’re going to refresh our brand to appeal to Millennials/Gen Z” is something you’ll often see stagnant brands talking up in the marketing press.

What if you want to do better? What if platitudes and buzzwords aren’t enough to change your performance? How about understanding the underlying attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that truly characterise different generations, based on hard data?

In our latest report, we use real data, from 2,500 real people, to explore how the UK thinks, so you can better understand consumers, whatever their age.

We’ll look at all of the data through the prism of generations, so you can see where there are genuinely sharp lines – and where there are not – so you gain a genuine idea of how to engage with every generation.

In our 65-page study, we cover:

  • Outlook on life
  • Attitudes towards success
  • The causes people care about
  • Politics and political affiliations
  • Society and social issues
  • Traditional and social media
  • Commerce and brands
  • Technology and innovation

If you want to feel confident your brand is shaped in a way that will resonate with your target consumer, reading this report is a great start.

You can download it for free today.

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